2022 Leafy Holiday Gift Guide: Massachusetts

Give the perfect gift with this curated weed gift list, created with Massachusetts in mind.

Looking for the perfect herbal gift for the cannabis lover in your life? Well, Massachusetts, we’ve got you covered! Instead of leaving your vacation shopping by the roadside, you can choose from some of Leafly’s favorite cannabis products on the market right now.

Whether the person on your list prefers to smoke, eat edibles, or dab, these choices are available at dispensaries across Massachusetts and will help everyone relax, get comfortable, and enjoy the smoking season. holidays.

(Blue River Terpes / Leafly)

There are so many different concentrate consistencies, but for the dabber on your list, why not try Blue River Terps Winter Snow Rosin?

Blue River Terps calls its snow rosin the “world’s healthiest dab” because it’s created through a completely solvent-free process – no ethanol, butane or other chemicals touch this concentrate. The name “snow rosin” comes from the consistency of this rosin. It is light and fluffy, crumbles and dissolves like ice in water.

Each batch is derived from a single source and is strain specific, and the concentrate consistently tests in the high 90% range for total active cannabinoids. Terpenes make up between 1-3% of that.

Dabbers can either light it up in a traditional dab rig, or break it up and sprinkle it over a joint or bowl for a terpy, potent kick.


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With a reputation for its power, Intergalactic matter. is an indica-dominant strain ready to take seasoned explorers on a ride out of this world.

The lemony and sweet strain is known to stimulate creativity, so it’s the perfect holiday companion when it comes to decorating, baking cookies or making homemade gifts. And creativity isn’t the only thing Intergalactic inspires – consumers report that it can also give a serious appetite boost.

Keep it on hand for all your festive feasts this season.


RYTHM produces superb bud, hands down. Their nugs are always full and covered in trichomes, delivering smooth, terpy hits. Brownie Scout, however, is a standout strain in RYTHM’s impressive lineup.

This strain is a hybrid that leans heavily on the indica side, and the growers at RYTHM claim that Brownie Scout is one of their densest strains. With big purple buds covered in orange and white crystal beads, they are almost as good to look at as they are to smoke!

Regularly testing around 30% THC, a few hits of this potent flower will leave you feeling euphoric and encourage you to get some sleep. It’s perfect for de-stressing and settling down on a cold winter night.

Brownie Scout’s dominant terpenes include limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene. On exhale it tastes sweet and earthy with a hint of spice.


Cannabis-infused beverages have taken over the Massachusetts market, and Levia is at the forefront. Founded in early 2021, Levia was one of the first cannabis seltzer brands in the state. Its drinks are formulated in Georgetown, MA, with local buds and other natural ingredients.

The company’s original unique flavors each contain 5mg of THC, making them easy to dose. And these calorie-free drinks start working a little faster than traditional edibles since the THC is partially absorbed sublingually when you drink one.

Bring a few cans to a holiday party or wrap them up as gifts, and you’re sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Since Fernway’s inception in 2018, few have been able to match its potent flavored vaping products. The brand is constantly innovating and the disposable Traveler vaporizer was launched in July. Like all other Fernway products, it is recyclable at the partner dispensaries that sell it.

These vaporizers combine pure distilled cannabis extract with botanical terpenes to create flavorful vapes with great effects. And they certainly pack a punch with the concentrate inside measuring close to 80% THC.

Fernway’s Cranberry Jam flavor is the perfect gift for the vape lover on your vacation list. The flavor is tart and crunchy, earthy and unprocessed. Once you try one, you won’t want to smoke anything.

The Traveler Hardware comes fully loaded and has a sleek, slim shape that you can easily toss in a bag or pocket. Each is pre-filled with 0.3 grams of cannabis extract, perfect for the friend on the go, whether they’re new to vaping or a seasoned smoker looking for a delicious, high-quality option .

(Heritage of Nature/Leaf)

This strain is perfect for winter, and not just because of its name. Nature’s Heritage flower is brimming with terpenes and boasts beautiful bright colors, and Snowball is no exception. Its name comes from the shiny, shimmering crystals that cover its fluffy nuggets.

Snowball is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses The White and Chem 4. The hybrid qualities of The White balance out the indica characteristics of Chem 4, providing a solid head and body. This strain typically tests in the low 20% THC range, making it perfect for a comfortable and relaxing evening hit that won’t immediately knock you out.

Snowball’s dominant terpenes are myrcene and limonene, which provide a sweet citrus aroma mixed with a pungent gas. Expect a heavy dose of diesel on the inhale, followed by flavors of sweet, fruity cream. Pair a bowl of snowballs with a cup of hot chocolate for a heavenly, cozy evening at home.

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