5 Indian dishes that pair wonderfully with your favorite sparkling wine


Whether you’re hosting a year-end dinner or participating in a potluck, it’s important to pair the food perfectly with the wine being served to enhance the flavor of the food and drink. Even if you are an avowed oenophile who enjoys having a glass of champagne in the evening, the world of wine and all the terminology that goes with it can be confusing. While the idea of ​​pairing Indian dishes with your favorite sparkling wines might seem daunting, here are 5 Indian dishes that pair perfectly with a glass of Chandon sparkling wine!

Butter chicken

Who doesn’t love hearty butter chicken? One of the most popular Indian dishes, Butter Chicken is world famous for its flavorful and creamy sauce that can be enjoyed with roasts or rice. When paired with a fruity wine, such as our Chandon Rosé, which is an extra dry sparkling wine made from Shiraz grapes, it complements the burst of flavors and lets you enjoy the fruity tones underneath.

Our wine pairing suggestions: Rosé Sparkling; Chandon Rosé.


Whether in the form of a sauce, a starter or a side dish, cottage cheese or paneer goes very well with fresh and elegant Chandon Brut. The freshness and acidity of the Brut sparkling wine helps cut through the richness of the cottage cheese, giving it a smooth finish. Notes of yeast and toast from prolonged aging complement the flavors of the dish.

Our wine pairing suggestions: Brut Mousseux; Chandon Brut

Coconut fish curry

Coconut-based fish curries tend to be soft on the palette and creamy in taste, while the spices tend to add a bit of heat. A Brut sparkling wine, rich in fresh fruity acidity is perfect for milder spicy dishes with creamy / coconut sauces.

Our wine pairing suggestions: Brut Mousseux; Chandon Brut

Lightly spiced grilled meats

Grilled meat can go way beyond a pint of cold beer. The Indian version of barbecue takes spice a step further and the best pair for tandoori meat is extra dry sparkling wine. The delicate and fruity Chandon Rosé before goes very well with an accompaniment of tandoori meats, perfectly balancing the rustic and earthy spice blends with a refreshing contrast of fruit.

Our wine pairing suggestions: Rosé Sparkling; Chandon Rosé

makhani lentils

Another famous Indian dish that shines on the world food map is the modest but full of flavor РDal Makhani. The intense aromas of our Chandon Ros̩, ripe cherries, red fruits and sweet grapefruit lead to a rich, creamy and persistent finish of flowers and fruits, a combination that makes vegetarian consumers happy!

Our wine pairing suggestions: Rosé Sparkling; Chandon Rosé

The association of Indian cuisine with wine does not have to be in accordance with the book. By considering the elements of your meal, the level of spice, sauce and creaminess, persistence and volume, you will find the perfect accompaniment that balances the dish and takes your meal to a whole new level.

Go beyond traditional pairing standards; explore your own taste and palate to pair with your favorite sparkling wine. The grape varieties offer enormous potential to offer consumers various styles of wine and introduce them to the textures of Indian cuisine.


Freeda S. Scott