5 new alcohol brands we’ve tried and loved you too must explore

It takes a few things to spice up a party, and sometimes alcohol can be one of them. Check out these new brands of alcohol you should consider adding to your party.

If you are looking for alcohol brands to energize your bar this New Year, you have come to the right place. The market offers a range of alcohols and brands, each unique and good in its own way. If you’re a liquor connoisseur looking to broaden your horizons, check out these new alcohol brands you should add to your extravagant bar.

Five new alcohol brands you must try to add to your bar this new year:


Image Courtesy: CONTINUE

The Hard Selts have carved out their place among Millennials in many places, and now India will be one of them. The first local hard seltzer – PURSUE, will be available for Millennials to indulge in this holiday season. This hard salt is created in a distillery in Goa and will be available in 4 variations. The different variations are mosambi and mint, strawberry and rose, peach and white tea, and mango and chili. With less than 1% sugar and an alcohol content of 5%, Pursue Hard Seltzer uses 100% natural flavors. Already available in Goa, people residing in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi and Pondicherry will also have the opportunity to enjoy it in January 2022. The hard seltzer will be available at a reasonable price of Rs 100 for a pint of 330ml, varying according to local products. excise laws and taxes.

Wild drum

new alcohol brands
Image Courtesy: Wild Drum
Wild Drum presents a low-calorie, vegan, gluten-free hard seltzer that’s infused with fruit flavors, allowing you to enjoy your booze without worrying too much about your calories. Wild Drum’s hard seltzer water comes in three flavors: Mango, Lemon-Mint and Pure. This drink will have no added color and is hydrating, replenishing your thirst one sip at a time. Wild Drum will be a choice for the health conscious as it contains less than 99 calories per serving, is vegan, fat free and preservative free. Now you can go wild drinking the hard seltzer from Wild Drum without worrying about an intimidating hangover the next day. Present in all the great wine shops of Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh, do not miss to try this new brand of alcohol.

Wild turkey

new alcohol brands
Image Courtesy: Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey, an American brand of Kentucky bourbon, announces its launch in India as part of ever-growing global expansion. He is launching a new variety, ‘Wild Turkey 81’ in India, aimed at Bourbon drinkers looking to mix spirits into cocktails. Not only is it set to become the preferred choice of bourbon connoisseurs, Wild Turkey 81 will also be the choice of those looking for milder drinking options. Created to experience the bold flavor of Wild Turkey at an accessible ABV (volume alcohol), this variation is appealing to young drinkers. It uses a blend of different centuries-old whiskeys that shine, especially when mixed into cocktails. Wild Turkey 81 has a fragrant honey and caramel aroma with a taste that starts off with the sweetness of the Wild Turkey brand, then transforms into notes of maple and vanilla, ending with a crisp toasty finish. Bourbon will be priced at Rs 2,623 per 750ml bottle and varies from city to city.

7Ink Brews

new alcohol brands
Image Courtesy: 7Ink Brews
7Ink Brews was recently launched in April 2021 as a new alcohol brand, with Mahendra Singh Dhoni as ambassador and stakeholder. Currently available in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Haryana, Punjab, Jharkhand, UP and Goa wine shops and retail, they will soon be available in other cities in pubs, restaurants and other places. It consists of two types of premium beers: Copter 7 Premium Strong Beer and Copter 7 Premium Lager. Copter 7 Strong is a malty amber lager with a light toasty aroma and a low level of bitterness. Its flavors are like a reminder to bite into a freshly baked loaf of bread. Copter 7 Premium Lager is a light and crunchy thirst-quenching beer, with fruity elements, is made from corn and has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 4.8%. Copter 7 Strong comes in two sizes, 500ml can and 650ml bottle, while the Copter 7 Premium Lager comes in three sizes, 330ml bottle, 500ml can and 650ml bottle. He is now ready to expand and venture into UP, Jharkhand, Punjab and Haryana in some wine shops.


new alcohol brands
Image courtesy: BOCA India Instagram

BOCA is the new buzz in town with three delicious variations. This is a 100% fruit-based sparkling alcoholic drink with flavors such as Berrylicious Cranberry, which is succulent, fruity, and slightly sour, Tropical Passion, which has hints of red apple, and Strong Brew, with a slightly nutty and caramel aroma that is crunchy. and malty. This gluten-free drink is available in Mumbai and Pune. It’s a cool drink to sip in a relaxing environment, letting all your worries slip away. You can serve this new brand of alcohol to those who like their drinks a little fruity and sparkling.

Image courtesy of the Hero: Savage Drum; Image courtesy of: BOCA India Instagram.

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