5 spices to add extra flavor to coffee

Indian cuisine is enriched and uses various spices such as garlic, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. These are all known to have immune-boosting antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant effects. These spices, when added regularly to meals, help the body fight infections and maintain excellent health. They also provide flavor to your food, in addition to all of the above. So, how about enhancing the flavor of your coffee by adding some spices? Adding spices can add extra flavor to coffee!

If you haven’t thought of it, try adding 5 of these spices to your cup of coffee.

Health Shots spoke to Deepti Lokeshappa, Msc Food Science and Nutrition, Senior Consultant-Clinical Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospital, Bengaluru, to suggest some of the best spices that can be added to coffee and can enhance its flavor and benefits.

Coffee helps some of us get through the day. Our coffee preferences may be different, but it helps most of us stay awake and work on busy days. People like to experiment in their cup of coffee with different sweeteners or creamers, but there is so much more than you can do with coffee.

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Here are 5 spices you add to your coffee:

Experimenting with your coffee by adding spices to it can give you healthier, aromatic, and flavorful results. Here are some spices you can use:

1. Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Instead of lemon water, many people start their day with cinnamon tea. To spice up your morning, you can also add this amazing spice to your cup of coffee. “It has antioxidant content and has been proven to boost the immune system,” according to Lokeshappa. Plus, it has the ability to lower LDL cholesterol, control blood sugar, and fight inflammation. Plus, it tastes fantastic!

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2. Cardamom (Elaichi)

Just add a small amount to a cup of freshly brewed coffee to experience its wonderful flavor and aroma. It contains fiber as well as additional necessary minerals that are believed to improve blood circulation. Cardamom could be beneficial for issues such as indigestion, gas, acidity, and constipation. If you have bad breath and nausea and vomiting, cardamom can help. Add it next time and relax and enjoy.

extra flavor in coffee
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3. Clove (Laung)

Cloves are a typical kitchen spice that can be added to coffee for its flavor and health benefits. In addition to soups, cloves also accompany drinks and desserts. Moreover, you can put it in your coffee. According to Lokeshappa, “We can’t brag enough about its benefits. This will give you a very musky taste. When brewing coffee, add a few cloves to the coffee grounds. You have to be careful not to overdo cloves in your coffee.

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4. Nutmeg (Jaiphal)

Vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese and other minerals essential for good health are abundant in nutmeg, also known as jaiphal. It can help prevent digestive issues, improve blood circulation, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and get rid of bad breath because of all these nutrients. Lokeshappa says, “It will add that extra sweetness to the taste and aroma of your coffee.” Just add the right blend to your cup.

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5. Ginger (Adrak)

Ginger is well known for its medicinal benefits. Lokeshappa says, “Ginger is quite similar to cardamom but ginger is more readily available in Indian households.” Simply add a few slices or powder to your coffee before brewing. You should also add it to your meal, as it helps prevent seasonal infections by keeping your immunity strong.

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