9 brands for all your summer gatherings

It’s no secret that summer is the time of year when the most rosé is consumed. According to Nielsen Data of 2021, rosé sales in the second quarter totaled $216 million, compared to $144 million in sales in the first quarter. Without speaking about, National Rosé Day falls on June 11, unofficially kicking off summer ten days before the June 21 solstice.

So it only makes sense that two trending categories are merging this warm season – with the RTD craze more important than ever, these are the rosé brands that should be on your radar for all picnics, beach days and outdoor activities. outdoors of the season.

Nomadica rosé

Available in both still and sparkling, Nomadica Rosé is a premium canned offering from California, curated by sommelier and Harvard graduate, Kristin Olszewski. Nomadica Rosé Still uses 63% Pinot Noir, 22% Grenache, 9% Carignan and 6% Mourvèdre for a fruity yet structured sip (think strawberry sweetness distilled by rose petals and natural salinity). As for the sparkling edition, the bubbles bring an explosion of dazzling freshness to the tongue, with notes of tangy fruit, such as pomegranate, made entirely from Grenache. The still, bubbly rosé has zero grams of sugar and 13% ABV per can. SRP per 8 pack Nomadica Rosé Still $54; 8-pack Nomadica Rosé Sparkling $58, explorenomadica.com

Private Beach Sparkling Rosé

A sparkling rosé from Italy, canned and dressed in nostalgic vintage art, it’s no wonder Private beach sold out their 4-packs two summers in a row. The curly gives a delicate effervescence to the dry rosé with notes of strawberry and watermelon that add a sweet fruitiness to each sip. Don’t let its refreshing drinkability fool you, though — at 10.5% ABV, a single serving packs a punch. SRP $19.49 per 4-pack, laithwaites.com

One Woman’s Callie Mini

When you’re looking for something a little more elegant, or perhaps a single serving on a weeknight, nothing beats a mini bottle of rosé, especially this sparkling version of Une Femme. The 187ml bottles are scale offerings of The Callie’s signature 750ml Une Femme bottle – made in partnership with Samantha Sheehan of POE Wines in Napa as part of Une Femme’s philosophy of creating “with the women of the wine world we love” – ​​available in convenient 3, 6 or 12 packs. The sparkling rosé is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Mourvèdre grapes, which combine in a ripe and juicy presentation of summer berries. SRP per 3 pack $42, unefemmewines.com

Rosé Wine Manufacturer

The winemaker, Nicole Walsh of Ser Winery, sums up the palate of Maker’s 2020 Canned Rosé like “what could pink look like”. The 100% Grenache rosé is bursting with fresh summer fruits, like rhubarb and strawberries, to update Walsh’s description, produced with grapes grown and picked specifically for rosé wines. The 6-pack can is equivalent to two 750ml bottles of wine, at around 13% ABV per can, 117 calories and 2.5 carbs. SRP $48 per 6-pack, makerwine.com

Rose water

Created for the active oenophile, this dry rosé from Bordeaux, France is mixed with sparkling water for a light alternative to canned wine and spritzes in the same category. At 4.9% ABV, 69 calories and 0 grams of sugar per can, Rose water is both thirst-quenching, yet keeps you coming back for more. SRP $12.99 per 6-pack, totalwine.com

Just enough rosé

The 2021 canned rosé from Just Enough Wines is a dynamic blend of grapes grown in a certified sustainable vineyard in Central Coast, California; combining, 90 percent Grenache Noir, 33 percent Cinsault, 2.5 percent Syrah, 1.5 percent Mourvèdre, 1.5 percent Grenache, 1 percent Carignan and 1 percent Cabernet Sauvignon. The Provence-style rosé finishes with a bouquet of tropical citrus notes, such as guava and mandarin. If you prefer a bit of sparkle, Just Enough Wines also offers its Rosé Bubbles 2020, which won silver at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Each can is equivalent to a glass and a half, which makes their 6-pack equal to two 750ml bottles of wine. SRP $45 per 6-pack, justenoughwines.com

Château Minuty 2021 M de Minuty

Another compact rosé option in the bottle is M de Minuty 2021 from Château Minuty. The beloved rosé brand presents its signature, herbaceous Côtes de Provence wine in a stunning 375ml, screw-top 6-pack, perfect for pouring into a glass or popping a straw into the pale pink liquid to enjoy the rosé as is. SRP $90 per 6-pack, chateauminuty.com

Love Rose

Known for producing wines by spontaneous fermentation – using only native yeasts and grape bacteria – Broc Cellars cans of Love Rose are no different. Without any additives, the winemakers pressed the juice of the three varieties – 97% Valdiguié, 2% Zinfandel and 1% Trousseau – in stainless steel tanks where they naturally fermented for two weeks. The Zinfandel-forward blend provides a subtle spice to the blend that is balanced by a floral finish. SRP $10 per box, brocellars.com

Moët & Chandon Imperial Rosé

Who can resist a Mini Moët moment, that is to say Moët & Chandon Imperial Rosé. Epernay rosé champagne features the dry, crisp quality associated with its full-sized namesake, just sized for the perfect on-the-go occasion. Expect a sparkling bouquet of raspberry and cherry from this famous blend of pinot noir, meunier and chardonnay. SRP $456 per pack of 24, ourcellar.com

Freeda S. Scott