A 500ml bottle of Cotswolds Ginger Gin at Rs 12,600

If your mantra in life is to ‘keep your gin’ against the odds, then here’s why a bottle of Costwolds Ginger Gin should find its place in your home bar today.

Gin is such an exciting and versatile drink, with a huge range of cocktails on offer, that consistently finds its way to the top of our favorite spirits. The recent boom in gin with the launch of local and international brands in India has already made us look forward to a credible year for gin.

However, here is a gin that has been on our radar for a while for its taste, finish and price. Represented in India by The Vault Fine Spirits, what makes Cotswolds Ginger Gin the most expensive gin in India today?

Where does Cotswolds Ginger Gin come from?

Originally from England, Cotswolds is a British gin that launched in India. The Cotswolds Distillery is located in the scenic Cotswolds region of Great Britain, known for its natural beauty.

Cotswold ginger

The brand was launched in 2014 and became an instant favorite with its award-winning range of single malt whiskies. After dominating the whiskey market, they launched their line of gins, and the Cotswolds Ginger Gin is their flagship gin.

What are its tasting notes?

On the nose, it hits notes of warm honey and sweet orange, balanced by fresh spicy ginger and piney juniper. On the palate, this gin is rich and luxurious. The presence of ginger makes it all warm, with notes of vanilla and red cask fruits. The finish is also amazing, with dry oak spice and ginger and lots more honey.

Why is Cotswolds Ginger Gin so expensive?

The Cotswolds Dry Gin is a London Dry Gin with an aromatic touch. It is enriched with notes of warm honey, spicy ginger and juniper and is known for its depth of flavor.

The making of gin is what makes it so expensive. The gin is distilled at 83% ABV then diluted to 65% ABV for barreling. This strength is just the perfect amount to extract the beautiful flavor and color of the wood without extracting the harshest notes, thus making this gin perfect on the palate.

Cotswold ginger

After which, the gin is placed in the same casks as the flagship Cotswolds Single Malt whisky. These barrels are a mix of old first fill Bourbon barrels and red wine barrels, which are shaved, toasted and re-charred for use. The gin matures here for three months.

Once the gin has aged sufficiently, the distillery then adds fresh Valencian sweet orange peel to the matured gin and candied ginger. These are then kept for steeping and infusing the gin with the flavors, with a good mix every few days.

Finally, a touch of honey is added to sweeten and dilute the 46% ABV gin before it is bottled at the distillery.

Cotswolds Ginger Gin is a rich and warm gin, perfect to drink neat or over ice. You can try adding a few drops of Angostura Bitters for extra character or warmed up apple juice when there’s a twinge in the air.

All images: Courtesy of Instagram/Cotswolds Distillery

Freeda S. Scott