Bundobust review: A vibrant slice of India at Leeds’ casual dining destination

It’s crowded when I visit on a weeknight, but the short wait for a table allows me to admire an eye-catching array of vibrant beers and ciders at the bar.

The Mill Hill restaurant is renowned for serving top notch vegetarian and vegan Indian food and that’s why I had chosen to visit – although I could have had a good night working my way through the beers crafts on offer, many of them brewed by Bundobust to complement their menu.

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I grab a tamarind ginger cider and sit down at a canteen-style table not far from my nearest neighbour. This is a communal dinner – I don’t imagine it to be a favored place for an intimate, extended meal, more a place to catch up with friends, energized by the lively conversation of your guests.

While I can feel the edge of dealing with such a swarm of hungry customers at once, the waiters have a smile for my companion and me – although in this laid back setting service is not the focus .

This privilege is reserved for food. Via the mobile app or by heading to the bar, it’s recommended to order two or three courses per person – each reasonably priced between £3 and £7 – and we let the chef decide by ordering a set menu for two.

In no time, our table is laden with a host of tasty treats served in eco-friendly containers, to be distributed on paper plates, which are soon coated in a rainbow of browns, greens and reds. .

Some of the dishes offered at Bundobust, all served with eco-friendly tableware. Photo: Tony Johnson.

The food is delicious and consistent. None of its elements are missing and they combine beautifully, a dazzling experience of color and texture – the crunch of chaat, the crispiness of bhajis, the silky daal seeping into a fluffy bed of rice.

There’s a spiciness to the bhaji sauce, to be mopped up with fluffy flatbread, and sweet pepper cuts through the spice tikka, which builds nicely as the meal progresses and is relieved with a bite. on a fresh seasoned cucumber.

Good food, happy atmosphere and tasty drinks – Bundobust is not to be missed.

Address: 6 Mill Hill, Leeds LS1 5DQ

Bundobust paneer tikka. Photo: James Hardisty.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, noon to 9:30 p.m.; Fri-Sat, 12pm-10pm; Sun, noon-8 p.m.

Website: https://bundobust.com/

Bundobust on Mill Hill. Photo: Jonathan Gawthorpe.

Freeda S. Scott