Burger King in a whole new form

“Appetizing, big and bold, playfully irreverent and proudly true.” Burger King is set to make a full rebrand for the first time in over two decades.

According to Restaurant Brands International (Burger King’s parent company), as the business evolves, they felt that the brand’s personality, its attributes and all the work done around food quality should be better reflected in the brand. ‘visual identity.

Ditching the combination of white, yellow and blue, the logo took on a much simpler design of orange and red. The new flat design looks like a classic with a touch of nostalgia, and rightly so. According to the company’s press release, the rebranding was inspired by Burger King’s heritage, the brand’s iconic status and its original logo.

In addition to the logo, restaurant interiors, packaging and Burger King employee uniforms will change over time. The new designs will focus primarily on the fun and playfulness that this joint aims to bring to its customers.

Burger King launched its first outlet in Bangladesh on December 9, 2016 through a long-term franchise agreement to launch and grow the brand with Tiffin Box Limited, a Bangla Trac company. According to Tarique E Haque, Managing Director of Bangla Trac Group, it was a strategic decision by Bangla Trac to enter the QSR (fast food service) business in Bangladesh.

Burger King managed to capture the attention of foodies across the country and created quite the buzz from the start, appealing to our unparalleled love for burgers. After all, how can you resist the sight of two sesame toasted buns with a juicy toasted patty and generous stuffing in between, sitting next to a packet of crispy fries and a tall pop? Add the promise of legendary taste from an international franchise, and you’ve found your new favorite burger spot.

That’s probably why the flame-grilled Beef Whopper has quickly become a customer favorite, with crispy nuggets and soft sundaes.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Burger King team is that despite securing quite a large following early on, they never took their popularity for granted. Instead, every once in a while, the team comes up with a new item that’s appealing while still sticking to its authentic flavors. Even during the ongoing pandemic, Burger King has kept their spirits up with their consistent quality of food as well as top-notch service.

The flame-grilled beef patty comes in many variations such as Mushroom Swiss, BBQ, Jalapeno Double Cheese, etc. The “long” chicken and beef was the answer to every sandwich lover’s prayer.

In 2021, Burger King Bangladesh introduced Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken for the first time and it was an instant hit. Using larger than average birds, these pieces come without wings and the spice levels are adjusted according to customer requirements. Not only is it juicy and crunchy, the King of Fried Chicken is also free of artificial flavors and salt to taste. It’s no surprise that the new addition has been widely appreciated by food bloggers and customers alike.

The latest of their creation, Chicken Tenders, is another appetizing addition to the fried chicken series. These chicken strips contain a generous amount of meat and are served with two new dip sauces, Spicy BBQ and Fiery. The Salmon Burger should also make its entry soon among the Premium Burgers and be added to the brand’s ever-growing menu.

A brilliant start to the year and a promise of much more to come! With everything changing, Burger King promises to keep its quality and taste absolutely uncompromising.


Website: https://burgerkingbangladesh.com/delivery

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BurgerKingBangladesh/

By Nusrath Jahan

Photo: Chakma Orchid

Freeda S. Scott