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ISLAMABAD: Chicken prices hit an all-time high in the market as they rose from 8,500 rupees per 40 kg to 13,200 rupees in the wholesale market, which at retail is sold at 340-350 rupees per kg, revealed a survey by Business Recorder here on Saturday.

The survey noted last week that chicken was available at Rs240-250 per kg in the retail market which jumped to Rs345-350 per kg and the price of chicken meat hit an all-time high of Rs580-590 per kg which was being sold at Rs400 -420 per kg a week earlier.

Traders attributed the massive increase in chicken prices to the closure of markets for five days, which created a shortage of supply while due to Eid, the demand for chicken increased accordingly, the prices have skyrocketed and are expected to decline over the next few days. A few days. Similarly, egg prices have also risen from Rs 4,350 per carton to Rs 4,500 per carton which retails at Rs 155 per dozen from Rs 150 per dozen.

The survey observed that most of the prices of kitchen essentials saw a mixed trend over the past week compared to the previous week.

No change in the price of wheat flour has been observed as the best quality wheat flour in the wholesale market is sold at Rs 1,055 per bag which at retail is sold at Rs 1,080 per bag of 15 kg and the bag of normal grade wheat flour is available at Rs 1020 per bag retailed at Rs 1040 per 15 kg bag.

However, with the departure of Ramadan, the government stopped providing subsidized wheat flour on the open market.

Rice prices have also remained unchanged as the best quality Basmati rice is available at Rs 8,200 per 40 kg bag which retails at Rs 225 per kg, while normal quality Basmati rice is available at Rs7,000 per bag which retails at Rs185 per kg and Broken Basmati is available at Rs4,000 per 40kg bag which retails at Rs125 per kg.

The prices of top quality cooking oil and ghee brands such as Dalda, Sufi and others remained stable and are sold at Rs 490 per kg, while the price of B-grade ghee/cooking oil changed from Rs 5,700 per carton of 16 packs to Rs 6. ,100 per box which in the market is available at Rs400 per pack against Rs380 per pack of 900 grams.

According to traders over the past three years, the prices of best quality ghee/cooking oil such as Dalda, Sufi and Shan have seen an increase of Rs 290 per kg from Rs 200 per kg to Rs 490 per kg , B grade cooking oil/ghee price has been increased from Rs120 per pack to Rs400 per pack, reflecting an increase of Rs280 per 900 gram pack. The price of mustard oil is stable at Rs475 per kg.

Pulse prices have seen a mixed trend as whole gram is available at Rs 300 per kg, fine grade mash is available at Rs 280 per kg vs Rs 290 per kg, best quality lentil is sold at Rs 240 rupees per kg, the best quality bean lentil is sold at 280 rupees per kg, moong is sold at Rs160 per kg against Rs150 per kg, and masoor is sold at Rs240 per kg.

No change was seen in the prices of fresh milk and packaged milk, as a liter pack of Olpers, Milk Pak and other brands is available at Rs 170 per pack. Fresh milk is sold at Rs145 per kg and yoghurt at Rs160 per kg. In the wholesale market, the price of sugar saw a further decline from Rs 4,000 per 50 kg bag to Rs 3,950 per bag, which is retailed at Rs 85-90 per kg.

Mutton and beef prices have also increased as mutton is available at Rs 1,500 per kg against Rs 1,450 per kg, while boneless beef at Rs 900 per kg against Rs 850 per kg and bone-in beef at Rs 700 per kg against Rs 650 per kg. The price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has risen from Rs 3,295 to Rs 3,000 per domestic 15 kg bottle.

No change was seen in the prices of different brands of packet spices as a 25 gram packet of Shan and National spices is sold at Rs75-80 per packet, but suppliers in July 2021 had reduced the size of the packet. package from 43 grams to 25 grams. The price of chillies powder has increased from 465 rupees per kg to 450 rupees per kg and the price of turmeric powder has increased from 400 rupees per kg to 300 rupees per kg. The price of lemon has risen from Rs 3,200 per 5 kg in the wholesale market to Rs 3,500 per 5 kg which at retail is sold at Rs 800 per kg.

Vegetable prices have seen a mixed trend as the price of tomatoes has risen from Rs 650 per 5 kg to Rs 400 per 5 kg which at retail is sold in the range of Rs 90-95 per kg from Rs 140-150 Rs per kg. The price of potato in the wholesale market is stable as potatoes are available between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,000 per quintal, which are retailed between Rs 25 and 40 per kg.

The price of onions has risen from Rs 400 per 5 kg to Rs 450 per 5 kg which in retail is sold at Rs 95-100 per kg from Rs 85-90 per kg. The price of peas has gone from Rs 975 per 5 kg to Rs 1,075 per 5 kg which are sold at retail at Rs 240 per kg against Rs 220 per kg, the local price of garlic is stable at Rs 160 per kg.

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