Christmas gift ideas: 12 brands of alcohol, from Rs 1,000

Beverage giant Diageo India recently launched a new craft whiskey, with just 3,600 bottles. And your loved one may have one. Craft Rice Whiskey brings together a variety of flavors in a smooth golden blend. It has vibrant flavors of rich dried fruit, toffee, vanilla and toffee, along with rich spicy notes and a woody taste. The drink is best enjoyed pure, on ice or with a splash of water. Available in select points of sale, the price of the Epitome Reserve is available on request. Website.

Whiskey: Paul John Oloroso

This is a sherry-rich whiskey with two years of maturation in first fill sherry casks from Spain. Its exquisite, almost ruby ​​red color reflects the impact of the first sherry cask. This is by far the best sherry barrel finished whiskey at this price. Notes of brown sugar, orange zest, cinnamon, toasted almonds, prunes, dates and dark chocolate make this a decadent drink. 9,000 rupees

Whiskey: Kamet

Kamet is the first Indian single malt to be aged in a combination of old American oak barrels, old French oaks and old sherry barrels. It offers a fairly complex nose for its price with notes of raisin, fig, honey, cranberry, caramel and nuts while in the mouth we find notes of vanilla, dried fruits, malt, cinnamon, chocolate and oak. 5,000 rupees

Whiskey: Amrut Spectrum 004

On the heels of the launch of their Single Malts of India series with Neidhal in September 2021, Amrut Distilleries has a new line for whiskey lovers to enjoy. Amrut Spectrum is the world’s first multi-wood single malt whiskey. The new limited bottle version of Spectrum 004 will see 600 bottles available in Bangalore, priced at Rs12,999, while 6,000 bottles of this single malt whiskey go on sale in Europe, the United States and the Asia region. Peaceful.

Agave: Pistola

A 100% aged agave spirits, Pistola is only the second brand of its kind in the country, after Desmondji’s 51% and 100% agave spirits. With the help of Desmond Nazareth, India’s leading agave maker, Dhariwal was able to set up a facility at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh and distill the agave before transferring it to Goa for blending, aging and processing. bottle. Pistola – the name that refers to a small handgun to allude to the power of mind packs – also refers to an enterprising person who is an agent of change. For Dhariwal, however, Maya Pistola is the name of the brand mascot of the spirit of Agave, the reimagined goddess of Agave. Available in Goa only at Rs 2,695 for 750 ml

Freeda S. Scott