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With the number of restaurants participating in Miami Spice, it can be difficult to stand out. Chris Van Vliet of Deco has been given the difficult task of finding a restaurant that lets you design your own Miami Spice menu.

The best part about Miami Spice is trying out restaurants you’ve never been to before. The worst part is finding out that the appetizer you really want to try isn’t on the Miami Spice menu. But there is one restaurant that changes all that.

We’re in Miami Spice Meat. And at Blue Collar, they spice it up even more.

Daniel Serfer, Chef / Owner: “Blue Collar is a contemporary American restaurant that serves a lot of gourmet dishes with a wide variety of vegetables to choose from. “

This hot spot had a special Miami Spice menu for August… but Spice lasts two months, so they’re changing things up for September.

Daniel Serfer: “Blue Collar loves participating in Miami Spice because we are able to give our customers a lot more food at a lower cost and have them try more of the menu. “

Miami Spice typically has three courses – and costs $ 23 for lunch and $ 39 for dinner, but for the last month of Miami Spice – anything goes at Blue Collar.

Daniel Serfer: “In September for Miami Spice, Blue Collar is not backing down. We offer the full menu – your choice. You can choose any appetizer, dish, dessert or any of the specials we handle.

While some restaurants have two or three choices in each dish, Blue Collar’s offerings continue, and come and go.

Daniel Serfer: “We have around a dozen different aperitif options and around 20 appetizers available. The whole dessert menu of four to five courses.

Joanne Joseph, Client: “The fact that I can come here and get whatever I want is amazing, especially for Miami Spice.

Start with mussels, shrimp and oatmeal, or vaca frita on tostones.

Daniel Serfer: “It’s about five tostones topped with vaca frita which is still crispy but soft on the inside, plus we add a little orange mojo sauce.

And there are loads and loads of entrees… including one with noodles.

Daniel Serfer: “The big stew is the sauce for Sunday. There is sausage, pork shoulder, veal breast and everything is braised together. Served with pappardelle pasta. The Corban Sandwich, named after local filmmaker Billy Corban, consists of two breast sandwiches on Portuguese mustard muffins.

In total, you have over 60 items to choose from.

Daniel Serfer: “People should come here for Spice because we are the only restaurant that offers the full menu as an option. “

Blue Collar is doing something else special for Miami Spice in September; if you’re over 21 you get a free glass of beer or wine when you order from the Spice menu.


Miami blue collar
6730, boulevard Biscayne
Miami, Florida 33138
(305) 756-0366

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