Fantastic Taco-Tastic at Toms River and Heart Shaped Tacos

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and perhaps you are looking for different options to celebrate here in Ocean County. Yes, everyone loves chocolate, poetry and flowers… but what about thinking outside the box?

If you’re thinking of something different, how about making a dinner with a little pizzazz for Valentine’s Day? Yes, insert “Ya baby” by Austin Powers, I have an idea for you and it’s here in downtown Toms River.

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Shawn Michael

Shawn Michael

Taco-Tastic at 207 Main Street in Toms River (also 793 Fischer Blvd in Toms River) has a great idea for you for your Valentine’s Day dinner. Do you like a good taco? How about a heart full of spices? Sounds good to me….

Shawn Michael


It’s “Taco 🌮 Hearts” by Taco-Tastic. Just in time for Cupid’s arrival, you get 6 Mexican tacos, 2 sides of salsa of your choice, 2 cans of soda and 2 churros, $30. Full dinner with a touch of love ❤️

I love tacos so it’s definitely on the table, lol pun intended, for Valentine’s Day Monday. I would lean more for that than for the chocolates, but that’s just me. Maybe a bit of both.

So while you’re thinking about what to do for Valentine’s Day, maybe try spicing it up a bit with “Taco Hearts” ❤️ 🌮 Let us know what YOU think of this idea? We always love your thoughts… so post your comments below 👇🏻 and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family. ❤️

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