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When all your old friends – not to mention the entire world’s population – keep asking you to do something, it must be hard to say no. But Victoria Beckham seems to have gotten used to it after so many years.

The designer has told her friends she is still under pressure to revisit her Posh Spice days, as her former bandmates plan to resurrect the Spice Girls for another reunion tour. And apparently the topic provokes furious quarrels.

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“Vic is so sick and tired of having this conversation over and over again,” said an insider close to the 47-year-old mother of four, who declined to join the 2019 Spice World tour, publicly declaring that she had quit this tour. part. of his life.

“She’s been asked over and over again – by the band and by the audience – to do it, but there’s no way she’s going to tour. She now has a whole new life and wants to focus on her family, her fashion brands and her personal brands. No, it’s no, and it’s maddening to see these rumors claiming that she might come back.


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Last week news broke that Geri Horner, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton were in “top-secret talks” to go on another world tour in 2023.

Geri, Emma and Mel B were seen meeting at the Mandeville Hotel in London, with Sporty joining them via Zoom from LA.

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mel b and geri horner claim sex

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Mel B, 43, sensational revealed last week that she spent a night of drunken passion with Geri, 46 – who would be furious with her because her daughter Bluebell, 13, could read the story . A worried Mel C, 45, hinted that the fallout could ruin the reunion, responding to Mel B’s presentation by saying, “That’s it, the tour is on hold.”

geri halliwell husband christian horner

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Geri married F1 boss Christian Horner in 2015 and replaced name calling and peace signs with spiritualism sessions and cooking classes. She has a neighbor in the company, Lady Joanna Wellesley, and a menagerie of goats and donkeys in her country mansion. She also reportedly stopped a photoshoot with the Spices so she could meditate – and her new lifestyle would have irritated North’s daughter Mel B.

emma bunton and simon fuller spice girls boss

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The Spices sacked former boss Simon Fuller in 1997, amid reports he had a relationship with Emma Bunton, 43 – which they both denied – but he is involved in the tour in partnered with Mel C.’s Modest Management agency. He’s also responsible for the Beckham brand – which won’t appeal to girls if they keep bumping into Posh, 44.

Mel B and Victoria Beckham

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Fans want a Posh appearance, but she doesn’t get along with Mel B. Mel reportedly described Posh as “a bit bitchy” in an interview last month, and told her to “f *** off” for a while. phone call last year. She then dressed up as herself for Halloween. Posh also said the girls used to turn off his mic on stage!

the spice girls get together

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Their return single Headlines in 2007 was a flop, topping no.20 on the charts, and they fear the same could happen with the tour. Emma suffered from anxiety before tickets went on sale, while Geri reportedly took singing lessons to avoid embarrassment.

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Allegedly without the girls saying it, tour officials booked Jess Glynne as an act of support, accepting a hefty fee of £ 1.3million. The Spice Girls, who are said to have pocketed £ 2.2million each, are said to be furious, suggesting tensions will mount in the locker room. Jess, however, said she only accepted the tour because she was a huge fan of the Spice Girls and wanted to “hang out” with them.

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Stage costumes cause problems as the quartet struggle to agree on whether their fans want them to wear their ’90s outfits – think Union Jack dresses – or more grown-up outfits. While Mel B is apparently “desperate to relaunch herself as an edgy, sexy star to compete with Rita Ora,” Geri wants a healthier image to appeal to older, quirky fans.

victoria beckham spice girls paid

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It’s no secret that money is a big motivation for the tour. But Victoria will still earn millions without going on stage, as she owns an equal stake in the group’s brand. This would have caused fury among the members of the group.

Adele Spice Girls Tour

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The girls are said to be discussing having a “fifth spice”. Comedian Jack Whitehall and superfan Adele volunteered their services, while The X Factor’s Saara Aalto revealed that Mel C told her she could join. But would that mean dividing their earnings even more?

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Although Emma is considered the sweet one, she is not child’s play. She may have forgiven Geri for leaving the group in 2003, but reveals that she won’t stay silent if the girls bicker. “I was never afraid to say exactly what I thought. It’s still the same now,” she said recently.

Victoria beckham

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A source said: “The four girls have been discussing a world tour for some time. They are all very excited that the wheels won’t move. And days later, Mel C said she was hopeful Victoria would perform with them, hinting that an invitation to Glastonbury “might be the thing that sees all five girls on stage.” She then suggested that fans “start a petition” to make this happen, putting even more pressure on VB.

Our insider adds, “It’s really upset Vic. She feels like she will now be hearing about nothing else for the next two years. She was even asked about it recently on American television, when she was supposed to promote her line of beauty products.

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We are told that Victoria had a few choice words for Geri, 49, Emma, ​​45, Mel C, 47 and Mel B, 46, and believe they “are using her name to generate interest in another lucrative tour “. But our source said: “The girls just want to give the fans the best possible tour and want Vic involved. The truth is they feel like she is giving them two fingers as she continues to deny theirs. offers. Of course, they all know she’s had incredible success with her fashion business, but they think she needs to be more grateful to the group that made her famous. They don’t see why playing with them. Spice Girls should be considered inferior to her.

And despite the non-rehearsals, it seems Mel B is still holding out hope. We’re told, “She still thinks Vic might change her mind. After all, who knows where her fashion career will be in two years? She could decide that she needs the money and be dying to come back on stage… ”

We can only dream.

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H2 “Environmentalist” Brooklyn’s big faux pas

Somewhere there, Greta Thunberg rolls her eyes during Brooklyn Beckham’s interview last week. The self-styled environmentalist embarrassed himself – and virtually everyone else – when he spoke about sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, but then admitted he knew next to nothing about COP26, the recent dominant summit in Glasgow on global action on climate change.

Brooklyn beckham

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As the face of Superdry’s new sustainable collection, the 22-year-old – who flew to the UK specifically for the interview and showed up in his gas-guzzling 4×4 – gave an impassioned speech on the environment. He said, “I try to do the little things.

I take a shorter shower, I am good at recycling. If there is a choice to do the right thing for the planet, why wouldn’t you do it? But when asked about COP26, Brooklyn looked “empty” and said, “I’ve seen a bit of this, but not as much as I wanted.”

Brooklyn is now based in the United States with his fiancee Nicola Peltz and billionaire parents, but admitted he misses the UK and will split his time between the two countries. He said, “It’s too hot for me in LA. I miss time here, freezing mornings are the best. And I miss British pubs and food like my grandma’s roast dinner.

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