Firelli Italian hot sauce is specially designed to spice up your pizza

Published in Naples in 1694, Antonio Latini’s cookbook Lo Scalco Alla Moderna (The modern steward) contains the first published recipe for salsa alla spagnuola, a Spanish-style sauce with tomatoes and chili peppers. Almost a decade later, in 1781, Vincenzo Corrado Del Cibo Pitagorico was released with a recipe for salsa al tornagusto, a sauce made from a combination of garlic, vinegar, herbs, spices and chili peppers.

Obviously, Italy was ahead of the spicy sauce trade. And yet, there was never a modern hot sauce produced and bottled in Italy until Firelli hit the market earlier this year.

Handcrafted in Parma in the Emilia Romagna region, the medium spicy sauce originates from Calabrian peppers from southern Italy. To balance the heat of the peppers, sauce maker Marco Agrimonti and his family add roasted red peppers, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and Porcini mushrooms to give Firelli its rich taste.

“The product is completely new – with an exceptional Italian design, flavor and touch,” Agrimonti told InsideHook. “Our ingredients aim to create a special Italian flavor. It’s not extremely hot, but round, complex, and totally delicious.

Made in Italy, Firelli also goes well with pasta.


Comes in a cone-shaped bottle modeled after the shape of an old fire extinguisher capped with a cap that looks like a chess piece, Firelli pairs well on eggs, with pasta, or mixed in a Bloody Mary. But its specific use case, according to the people behind, is to serve as a topping on pizza.

“We noticed that people all over the world were adding spice to their pizza – whether it was Tabasco, Cholula, chili oil or chili flakes – and yet there was no hot sauce. Italian “, explains Agrimonti. “Firelli is excellent on pizza. The tangy acidity of the balsamic vinegar cuts through the cheese of the pizza, the Calabrian chili spice adds a nice touch but not overwhelming, and the porcini mushrooms and roasted red pepper are a delicious addition to most pizzas.

First introduced to the market in the United States, Firelli is now available worldwide, from the United Kingdom and China to Russia and Peru. In addition, two new flavors – truffle and extra hot – are on the way.

“We did a lot of research on the history of hot sauce in Italy, which was very inspiring,” says Agrimonti. “Red peppers were initially only used for decorative purposes before innovative chefs started incorporating it into Italian cuisine. So there is a fascinating story behind it all and our brilliant team has worked hard and developed something really interesting. Lots of samples, lots of testing, tastings, tweaks, scaling to test batches and then into commercial production. We had to build a special filling line – it’s still quite small – but it’s remarkably difficult to put sauce in a bottle with a very small opening and make sure it’s safe. It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it. “

On behalf of pizza consumers in the United States, Italy and around the world, thank you very much.

Freeda S. Scott