From international to local, everything you can buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival

If shopping is your cardio, we’ve got some news for you!

The 27th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival has started and is here to keep you entertained with the best deals until January 30, 2022.

From top-notch dining experiences to glittering art and shopping offerings from the best of the best, there is something for all age groups at this festival.

… And as a result, we’ve curated the perfect list of shopping destinations you can enjoy in the winter sun, with local brands as well as a few international hotspots that will give you the retail therapy you so badly need!

Beach shops

If strolling the beach while picking out super cool things for yourself is your kind of shopping, then beach shops are a must visit. Especially during this time. From minimalist local brands to beauty havens like Sephora, trust to find all the niche and fancy things at these beach boutiques. Whether you want to spend a relaxing day at the beach, pamper yourself in a fancy lounge or dine in fancy Dubai restaurants, Boutique Beach will be your best choice.

Located across from JBR, Dubai, this venue opens from 10 a.m. to midnight. Some of the more popular international stores to watch in this area are Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath and Body Works. You can also buy special products for Dubai at traditional places like I Love Dubai, L’Couture and Pink Salt.

Meanwhile, the place is also home to a bustling artisan bazaar with rows of stalls selling food, trinkets, accessories, and unique pieces.

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2. Boxpark

The reputation of Dubai’s local street in this trendy outdoor destination. Stretching along Al Wasl Road, this urban strip includes shops and cafes housed in cargo crates, hence its name. Is the ultimate urban lifestyle destination that blends art, culture and dining with modern and traditional.

With a concept of dining and a modern Middle Eastern vibe, this place needs a whole day to explore.

At night, this 1 km strip is illuminated by colored lights. This place is made with local brands in mind. From trendy home decor items at Urbanist to watching a movie in the movie theater, be sure to find something for all of your family at Boxpark.

Don’t worry about walking a mile to explore this strip as you’ll have tons of options to whet your appetite. From international places like Big Smoke Burger to traditional cafes like The Bosnian House, you can choose from a range of cuisines here!

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3. Souks

Dubai is a treasure chest for those looking for items like metals, spices, perfumes and magic carpets;)

But where do you go to get your hands on these things? You go to the souks. These souks are spread throughout the city and offer options that will blow your mind.

All that glitters is gold and this is especially true for Dubai. Dubai’s Gold Souk is the most visited place for international travelers and has gold from 18K and up to 24K. Once you’re done shopping for the precious, you are headed for the basics. Don’t forget to add some traditional Itar and Oudh to your basket while you are in the perfume souk. Apart from that, there are Textile Souks and Spice Souks that feature clothing, spices, rugs, rugs, and even furniture. Also one of the most popular shopping malls in Deira, this place exudes culture and history. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try out your negotiation skills as they work best in these areas.

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4. Etisalat OTB market

To experience the best of music, fashion and food at Dubai Shopping Festival, you need to head to Etisalat OTB market.

This market includes 100 retail brands and 27 food and beverage vendors. The theme and the region’s premier show this year, Hello Kitty will be the highlight of this year’s market.

The highlight of this market will be the dancer, choreographer and star of Step Up 2: The street – Robert Hoffman who will be making a special appearance. Join the American actor in a special dance workshop on the main stage on December 17th and bring the skills you learned to the dance floor and see if you can qualify and win the Dance Battle Finale on December 30th.

Fashion enthusiasts can browse some of the best beauty and fashion brands from Korea and Japan and bring home vintage chunky shoes, retro sports and street wear, flamboyant patterns and much more. Put on a pretty outfit, glue on some accessories, turn up the music on your headphones or jam to the beats of the stage and you have your very own dance party at the brand new roller skating rink.

Not only that, if you are here, get ready for some goodies with surprise gifts on stage and vouchers.

5. Al Seef Market

The charming district of Al Seef will once again be taken over by the Dubai Shopping Festival to offer you incredible fur-filled activities, shows and fireworks.

From December 16 to January 30, it’s time to learn by doing. In the spirit of passing knowledge from generation to generation, Al Seef’s DSF Market will transform into an outdoor playhouse and museum within walking distance with educational interactive art installations being part of the landscape.

Visitors of all ages can engage, learn and explore four areas, named after the elements Water, Air, Earth and Fire, and play while further understanding the rich culture and history of the Emirates.

Do you like coffee? You will enjoy the Coffee Week at the DSF market. Sip and savor the best of coffee culture, from authentic Arabic gahwa and Italian cappuccino, to barista experiences, tastings and workshops. Make an appointment to experience the market during Date Week when the neighborhood transforms and visitors can feast on food, drinks, desserts and more.

To end your evening in style, discover the Dubai fireworks that take place every night!

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Apart from these spectacular venues, don’t forget to head to Dubai Expo 2020 for an immersive experience of art, culture and entertainment from around the world. Are you ready to steal some deals that will fill your wardrobe with the hottest styles, glamorous and fun Emirati mixes?

Freeda S. Scott