Golden milk, benefits and properties of turmeric drink

A healthy and invigorating drink: this is the golden milk or golden milk made from Turmeric which has long earned a place among the most effective natural remedies. Its very fashionable preparation has its roots in the oldest Indian tradition as Ayurvedic recipe. Turmeric spiced milk is highly regarded by those who practice Kundalini Yoga for its beneficial effects on the body, but the spice itself is the real star of such success.

All this thanks to curcumin content that guarantees joint well-being, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, purifies, strengthens immune defenses and much more. But what are the best benefits and combinations for perfect absorption and the recipe for optimal preparation?

Turmeric: what it is and its benefits

Note how turmeric longa, it is an integral part of the Zingiberaceae family with more than eighty different species and from above antioxidant power. Perennial herbaceous plant, it reaches up to a meter in height, with large leaves and yellow flowers. But it is the root, which is a cylindrical rhizome of the yellow-orange color, the most interesting part. It is mainly cultivated in regions with hot and tropical climates and is widely used in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisine and medicine. Even today it is also very popular as a colorant, given the strong chromatic intensity who manages to make a donation. To obtain the spice, the roots are boiled for a long time, then dried in very large ovens and finely chopped.

Although the flavor is light but bitter, turmeric guarantees undeniable health benefits from cleansing the liver and emptying the gallbladder. Antioxidant, anticoagulant and analgesic, it prevents and reduces joint and menstrual pain. Counteracts the action of free radicals and plays aantitumor action very important, thanks to the presence of curcumin, it also accelerates skin repair. It improves blood cholesterol levels and promotes the burning of body fat, also facilitating a slow weight loss. It allows good digestion and strengthens the immune system, counteracts neurological degeneration.

Golden Milk, the recipe

To prepare golden milk, one must focus on creating the Pasta, that is, a mixture of ingredients to be mixed to obtain a soft compound. It can be stored in the refrigerator in a glass jar for up to a month, but it is advisable to produce small quantities to use when needed. For a cup of golden milk, just add a teaspoon of pasta, keeping the rest in the fridge, or use ready-made formulas that are easy to find on the market.

Turmeric paste, how to prepare it

To create golden milk by hand, you need to create the paste using a quarter glass or cup of turmeric, half a teaspoon of black pepper already ground powder and half a cup of water. Pour the ingredients into a saucepan, mix and bring to a boil until a soft paste forms. As expected, it is left to cool and then stored in a glass jar, previously sterilized and hermetically sealed.

Golden milk, all ingredients

To benefit from the properties of turmeric, it is important to mix the paste with an oily ingredient and a spice, a useful mixture to strengthen and improve its absorption. In a large cup pour 1/4 of turmeric paste, a cup of milkpreferably vegetable, and previously heated with a teaspoon of oil (edible sweet almond, coconut or ghee) and a pinch of black pepper.

Then mix everything together and sweeten to taste with a hint of honey. Golden Milk is perfect to enjoy in the morning to kickstart the excitement, or in the evening to aid in a restful sleep. It can be flavored by adding ginger, cinnamon or flaxseed oil.

Consumption and contraindications

According to Ayurvedic tradition, turmeric milk can be consumed every morning for about forty days, in order to complete a cycle of treatment and healing of joint and inflammatory pain. A break is always necessary so as not to let the body become addicted and render the benefits ineffective.

Golden milk is healthy but good Pay attention if you have bladder stones or gallstones, or if you are taking blood thinners, antacids, antihistamines, and diabetes medications. It is better to consult an expert if you want to take it during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or if you want to offer it to the little ones.

Freeda S. Scott