I’m a Walmart expert – three items you should always buy from the retail giant if you want to save money

A WALMART expert has recommended three items that will save you money when shopping at the retail giant.

The retailer is known for its low prices, but that can sometimes mean sacrificing quality.


Expert Recommends Buying Three Items At Walmart Over Other Stores To Save Money Without Sacrificing QualityCredit: Getty

However, there are specific things that a savvy shopper recommends picking up at Walmart, rather than any other store.

They are:

  • Dried spices
  • Cereals
  • School supplies

According to GO Bank Rates Maddie Duley, Great Value offers a wide variety of spices that can be purchased for as low as 98 cents a bottle.

Private label Walmart offers both generic and organic spice options that are cheaper than the brand name.

The world’s largest retailer also offers a wide variety of cereals in huge bags that allow customers to buy in bulk. However, Duley offers a tip: put the cereal in a container for storage.

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The third major purchase concerns school supplies. During back-to-school, the expert says Walmart offers unbeatable school supply prices with notebooks for as low as 25 cents.

There are other Walmart shopping tips that Duley offers, including:

Shop Walmart’s Private Labels

Several popular Walmart brands to look for include Great Value, Mainstays, and Equate.

High value items can be found in the grocery section. The mainstays are in bedding, kitchen and furniture and Equate is in the pharmacy and health and beauty section.

Choose in-store pickup

Another way to save is to use the chain’s free pickup option. Walmart offers free shipping on all online orders over $35.

However, if you only need one item and don’t want to pay shipping, store pickup is a great no-cost option. It also allows shoppers to take advantage of online deals and avoid in-store crowds.

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One thing Duley says experts recommend being extra careful about is buying appliances from Walmart.

She says the retailer often contracts with companies that create cheaper versions of the devices. However, this leaves consumers with a potentially inferior product that only costs a little less than quality brands.

Instead, she recommends buying appliances from Home Depot or Best Buy, or other specialists.

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