Indonesian cuisine and local produce spark visitor interest at Expo 2020 Dubai

DUBAI, UAE, 19 April 2022 / — The Indonesia pavilion managed to attract 2.5 million visitors. Many visitors who came to the Indonesia pavilion were inseparable from the display of products and the presentation of local Indonesian culinary delicacies presented at the exhibition of miniatures of the country. Until the end of the closing ceremony, the Indonesian pavilion had managed to earn 1 billion rupees in revenue from the sale of SME products and 80 billion rupees from the sale of local Indonesian food and coffee.

“I am very proud that our SME products and local culinary products can go global through Expo 2020 Dubai. This is in line with Indonesia’s goal to participate in this prestigious event, which has the potential to “business, tourism and investment opportunities. The exhibition of local products has also succeeded in attracting the interest of potential buyers, especially those from India and Pakistan. The presentation of local cuisine is also the opportunity to attract people from all over the world to visit Indonesia,” said Director General of National Export Development at the Ministry of Commerce and Commissioner General of the Indonesian Pavilion Didi Sumedi.

As known, the local product exhibition is a product of SMEs supported by 15 Indonesian state-owned enterprises that Sarinah organized. The products marketed are handicrafts such as woven, written batik and songket weaving, as well as made with non-mechanical weaving tools (ATBM). The various SME products come from Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, NTT, Palembang, Medan and Java.

Handicrafts sought after by visitors include jumputan scarves, Balinese fans, hand-drawn batik masks and rattan wallets, which were completely out of stock during the two months of Expo 2020 Dubai. The batik heritage of Pekalongan is also the target of collectors, with its precious value starting at 2000 Dirhams or the equivalent of 8 million Rupiah per fabric.

“Visitors are very curious about Indonesian fabrics. They always wonder about the philosophy behind the batik or the weaving patterns we exhibit. We from Sarinah are very grateful to the Ministry of Commerce for giving us this opportunity to help introduce local products of Indonesian SMEs to the global arena,” said Nabila Aulia Marpaung, Marketing and Promotions Team of PT Sarinah.

Nasi Padang and Coffee Badak become the highlight of the Indonesia pavilion
Indonesian cuisine and coffee are introduced by Bandung Resto and Java Café. Bandung Resto, a well-known restaurant in Abu Dhabi, has managed to attract visitors with its extraordinary Nasi Padang, which has always been the target of visitors coming to the Pavilion. This is inseparable from the Rendang, which was exhibited in the Indonesia Pavilion area and became one of the highlights of the Indonesia Spice Up The World program.

Besides Nasi Padang, other local Indonesian culinary delights that are also favorites of visitors are meatballs and fried noodles. On the other hand, coffee is also the target of visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai, where Luwak coffee is sought after by coffee connoisseurs and Badak coffee and Spanish latte, which is the target of visitors who only taste Indonesian coffee. All coffee raw materials come from the cultivation of local coffee growers, and visitors can taste 17 different types of local coffee from all over Indonesia.

“Visitors looking for local Indonesian food and coffee cannot be separated from its delicious and remarkable taste. Moreover, the portions we offer are also large at an affordable price. Most of our regular customers come from Asia and the Middle East and enjoy Indonesian cuisine rich in spices,” said Helmi, COO of Bandung Resto and Java Café.

Every day, the dining area of ​​the Indonesia Pavilion is always packed with visitors and was even chosen as one of the top ten restaurants at Expo 2020 Dubai. With the extraordinary achievements of the Indonesian pavilion for 26 weeks after the Expo 2020 Dubai event, it proves that apart from culture and innovation, Indonesian culinary and local products are also capable of competing internationally.

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