Industry Profile: Stefanie Duhy at Archibald Williams

Stef Duhy.

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This week we talk to Stefanie Duhy, Senior Account Manager, Archibald Williams

Time in Current Role/Time Spent at Company:

8 months

How would you describe what the company does? :
Archibald Williams develops smart, beautiful, and effective creative for brands at all stages of the marketing funnel; in fact, we focus very strongly on unifying customer communications.

What do you do everyday? Organize team workloads, provide feedback on creative work, plan and advance our pipeline, review project scope, meet with clients, troubleshoot issues, brainstorm proactive initiatives – that’s a bag mixture !

Define your job in one word:

Russian mountains

I got into advertising/ad tech/marketing etc. because :

I discovered how difficult it is to succeed as a professional actress! All kidding aside, throughout my acting studies I was always fascinated by the analysis of characters – understanding who they were, how they thought, what made them tick – an interest that lent itself quite well at work in advertising.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?

It’s a mix between not having enough hours in the workday to do everything efficiently and managing people successfully – whether internal or external.

What is the biggest industry-wide challenge you would like to see addressed?

A breaking of the client/agency ‘wall’, and the unrealistic expectations that can come with it – don’t expect people to break themselves or teams. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on, we’re all working towards a common goal, and more importantly, we’re all human and can’t do much! Oh, and also, pay your interns (I’m talking to you, the agency executives) and pay the pitches (now you, the clients) – no one should expect to work for free, let alone work well free.

Industry-related companies in which you have worked:

Here in Australia, CX Lavender.

Notable ads/campaigns you’ve worked on:

More recently, American Express Open to travel andCitibank Square. Buy now, pay later.

Who is/was a great mentor for you and why?

My father. He has worked in marketing for most of his career and as such is a wealth of knowledge and advice on current trends, advertising know-how, people management, personal growth – the list is long ! I should also mention Kiranpreet Kaur – it’s great to have a strong, driven and successful wife as your boss!

Any advice for someone who wants a job like yours?

Stay hyper-organized (become loyal friends with lists and excel sheets), have conviction in your opinions and decisions, and be fair but firm when needed. Keep an insightful and creative mind, never underestimate the value of collaboration, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or be uncertain – it’s okay to learn, no matter how senior you are.

If I wasn’t doing this for a living, I’d be:

The TV presenter and the psychiatrist were always on my list. However more recently I would probably go with a dog sitter!

My mantra/philosophy is:

Judge people by their actions, not their age.

My favorite ad is:

There are a few that come to mind. The Cadbury Gorilla the ad was great – it was crazy so memorable but (thanks to Phil Collins) familiar so enjoyable. I also loved the Old Spice The man your man could smell like announcement – simply because (for me at least) he did such a good job of repositioning the product. But the winner should probably be The big night by Sainsbury’s it’s so damn cute, super nostalgic, and incredibly heartwarming.

Music and television broadcasting habits. What are you subscribed to?

All. Containment, am I right?! I’m more of a visual streamer than an audio streamer. That said, I enjoy a good podcast and prefer Apple Music over Spotify because I find the UX nicer.

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?

A couple knows it, so it’s not strictly answering the question, but I’m a (very) amateur pole dancer!

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