Is Health-Ade Kombucha actually good for you?

Currently Health-Ade Kombucha has 13 different flavors of kombucha on the market. They also have four collections where you will find 16 other flavors. Each of the flavors is handcrafted with a small-batch technique to ensure quality taste and improved control, emphasizes Spoon University. Some of these flavors include ginger-lemon, rose apple, blood orange-carrot-ginger, and cayenne pepper. So if you’re looking to improve gut health, digestion, and immunity, any bottle works well. This is because kombucha contains strains of lactic acid bacteria that can work as probiotics and kill bacteria (for Health line). It is also loaded with antioxidants.

But if you’re looking to lose weight, some flavors may be slightly better than others. For example, cayenne pepper, which is a natural spice, is found in cayenne clean kombucha. Research shows that the spiciness of this natural herb helps promote weight loss by speeding up your metabolism, suppressing your appetite, and helping you burn more calories (via Health line). Many health experts believe these benefits are due to cayenne pepper containing high amounts of capsaicin. Capsaicin is a chemical compound that reduces appetite while simultaneously increasing metabolism.

That being said, if weight loss is your primary goal, remember to add fruits, vegetables, proteins, complex carbs, and exercise regularly. Either way, feel free to choose your booch based on your taste preferences or the herbs infused in the fermented tea.

Freeda S. Scott