Local Kitchens welcomes two new concepts to Cupertino

Local Kitchens introduced Rooster & Rice to its Cupertino location. Rooster and Rice’s simple and healthy food concept, with a menu based on the traditional Thai recipe of Khao Mun Gai, has become a staple for customers seeking comfort in delicious chicken and rice.

Popular Sushirrito® and Rooster & Rice concepts join six other Bay Area concepts located in the innovative Micro Food Hall

Local Kitchens welcomes two new concepts to CupertinoCupertino, California (RestaurantNews.com) Local cuisinesthe pioneering micro food hall concept with a diverse mix of award-winning restaurants, has introduced two exciting additions to its offering by welcoming Sushirrito® and Rooster & Rice such as its new concepts within its Cupertino site. Recognized as the world’s leading sushi burrito restaurant brand, Sushirrito® has revolutionized sushi culture with handmade, hand-prepared sushi burritos featuring delicious combinations of Japanese and Latin flavors. Rooster & Rice’s simple and healthy food concept, with a menu based on the traditional Thai recipe of Khao Mun Gai, has become a staple for customers seeking comfort in the delicious chicken and rice dish. The new additions, Sushirrito® and Rooster & Rice, join six other innovative restaurant concepts on the Local Kitchens Cupertino site, where customers can mix and match dishes from any menu in one order for pickup, dine or the delivery.

Local Kitchens Cupertino’s Sushirrito® menu will feature fan-favorite dishes from the restaurant’s full menu, including the popular Salmon Samba Sushi Burrito which is made with teriyaki baked salmon, tempura asparagus, pickled cucumbers, lettuce curly green, pumpkin seeds and Japanese 7 -spice. In addition to the popular sushi burritos, the menu includes a range of sushi bowls and sides such as the innovative “The Cowboy” with Kabayaki beef, blue corn chips, green cabbage, red radish, julienned carrots, red peppers, cilantro and Kimichurri sauce (a mixture of Kimchi and Chimichurri).

Local Kitchens welcomes two new concepts to Cupertino
Local Kitchens has also introduced Sushirrito® at its Cupertino location. Sushirrito® has revolutionized sushi culture with handmade, made-to-order sushi burritos featuring delicious combinations of Japanese and Latin flavors.

Local Kitchens Cupertino’s Rooster & Rice menu will feature all four main bowls from the restaurant’s full menu, including the most popular Original Chicken Rice Bowl, consisting of chicken breast and thigh with skin, over chicken rice with fragrant jasmine, garnished with cucumber and cilantro and served with fresh chili, ginger, garlic and soy sauce and a side of chicken broth. The original finds its way into various formats thanks to “The Marina”, “The Riceless” and “The Vegetarian” which replace the chicken with organic tofu.

“We are excited to bring these innovative options to our Cupertino location and offer our customers the ability to diversify their orders with other beloved local brands,” said Jon Goldsmith, CEO and Co-Founder of Local Kitchens. “As a micro-food venue, each of our Restaurant Concept Partners is carefully selected to reflect the diversity of Bay Area cuisines and people within their respective communities.

We are confident that these two new menus will be a great addition to our already wonderful mix of restaurant brands in Cupertino. »

Local Kitchens was founded by former DoorDash colleagues, CEO Jon Goldsmith and COO Andrew Munday, and CTO Jordan Bramble. Entrepreneurs set out to transform the concept of a food hall into the digital age. Local Kitchens’ Cupertino site offers convenient online and mobile ordering coupled with fast, friendly service. The micro food hall concept allows customers to mix and match cuisines from different restaurants in a single order.

“Six years ago, Rooster & Rice was just an idea to serve up a wholesome, comforting product that was easy to grab and prepare,” said Tommy Chareon, co-founder of Rooster & Rice. “We are excited to join Local Kitchens alongside Sushirrito® to further expand our brand in the Bay Area and introduce the delicious Khao Man Gai to more and more people.” Peter Yen, Founder and CEO of Sushirrito®, which prides itself on innovative, multicultural food and branding, added, “When we heard about Local Kitchen’s new take on the micro-food hall, we were impressed and knew we would be a great partner. We’re excited to join their Cupertino location in rolling out the original sushi burrito brand to more Bay Area communities.

Cupertino Local Kitchens are open Monday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Customers are welcome to visit www.localkitchens.com or download the Local Kitchens app to order pickup or delivery and earn rewards. Local kitchens in Cupertino are home to concepts; Sushirrito®, Rooster & Rice, The plant, Mr. Sisig, cast iron, Asian box, Curry Up Now, SAJJ Mediterranean and Humry Slocombe. Follow @eat.local.kitchens and @sushirrito on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest happenings.

On Local Kitchens Micro Food Hall

Ideal for busy foodies, groups and families, Local Kitchens, Micro Food Hall, brings together the best Bay Area dishes under one roof, with convenient online ordering, fast service and fresh and delicious options. high quality for everyone. With five locations in the San Francisco Bay Area (Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, Lafayette and San Jose), further expansion is planned in the Bay Area, Southern California and across the country. For more information, visit www.localkitchens.com.

On Sushirrito

Sushirrito is changing the way we eat sushi by blending premium sushi ingredients and the shape and convenience of burritos to deliver fresh, convenient, large, and handheld sushi burritos. Each burrito is infused with unique multicultural flavors and can be turned into bowls or salads for the ultimate menu that everyone will love. Try classic salmon poke with a Latin twist in the Latin Ninja Roll, crispy shrimp tempura in the Sumo Crunch or spicy chicken karaage in the Fiery Chicken.

On Rooster & Rice

Rooster & Rice, which was named one of QSR’s 40/40 concepts in 2022, was created by two long-time restaurateurs, Bryan Lew and Tommy Chareon, who set out to create a simple, healthy and clean food concept based on Asian recipes to appeal to their Bay Area hometown. Starting out as a weekend pop-up, Rooster & Rice quickly gained traction in San Francisco and in 2019 partnered with Aroi Hospitality Group (AHG) which includes two former food delivery app founders, Caviar, to expand the brand nationally. The concept’s mission is to bring Asian street food into the mainstream. Customers are encouraged to try one of the main bowls which all pay homage to a simplistic, healthy and comforting meal of chicken and rice.

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