National Burger Day: Brits are reinventing the classic burger

The green chef admitted the classic burger needed a facelift

Polling 2,000 consumers across Britain, the results show almost two-thirds (60%) of people would completely reinvent the concept of the classic burger. How? They’re ditching the traditional bun and instead opting for healthier or low-carb options, like wrapping their toppings in lettuce.

The research, which looks at Britons’ attitudes towards burgers as a staple of British cuisine, has revealed the do’s and don’ts of getting the perfect burger.

First, get the perfect patty. Beef reigns supreme as the most popular option, with just under half (47%) saying it’s their top choice, followed by chicken (40%) and a vegetable patty (24 %).

Trying to create the perfect burger

Younger generations, particularly Gen Z (those aged 18-24), were found to be the group most likely to choose a meatless burger option, with more than a third (33%) choosing alternatives vegetable or vegetarian such as vegetable pancakes, mushrooms or halloumi.

Next, nail in the additional trim. It would seem that a large proportion of Britons want to avoid any additions they might find a little too spicy, with more than half (57%) avoiding chilli, spices or chilli jam on their burgers while others yield blue cheese (27 percent). percent), egg (24 percent) and pickles (20 percent) a firm miss.

Amid sunshine, continued heatwaves and the upcoming bank holiday weekend, research shows Britons (47%) prefer to get their burger fix at home. And as preferences are clearly changing, so are the opportunities to try a new take on the classic burger. Green Chef’s Mexican-inspired Spicy Beef Bowl and Hoising-Ginger Duck Lettuce Cups offer two delicious versions of the reimagined burger.

Anna Tebbs, Executive Chef and Registered Nutritionist at Green Chef, said: “The summer months offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy a delicious burger in the sun – what better way to get creative and try a new twist on your favorite burger than on National Burger Day. ? The options for burgers are endless – with small tweaks, like losing the bun or choosing delicious sides such as bean salads or butternut squash mash, we can enjoy healthier, more nutritious burgers without compromise. on delicious flavors.

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Freeda S. Scott