New Ads for Ice Cream Brand Halo Top Send Self-Care Snaps

Low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top has long been known for injecting a healthy dose of humor into its ads: a 2019 campaign based on the idea ‘ice cream for adults’ was a brilliantly bleak tableau of children’s positive illusions of the world being shattered; while 2017 Eat the ice cream took a Black Mirror-ish twist as the simple pleasures of dessert became grim harbingers of doom. “Everyone you love is gone. There’s only ice cream,” a robot intones.

The brand’s new ad campaign is much less dark, but just as funny and ironic, literally piling up the self-care clichés until they reach ridiculous proportions. The spots were created by Los Angeles-based agency Wolfgang and director Ulf Johansson, who has previously worked with brands such as Old Spice and directed the deeply odd film The 2016 Super Bowl ad hit ‘puppy monkey baby’.

The new Put Yourself On Top campaign seeks to help Halo Top “disrupt the wellness category by giving people permission to be selfish and put themselves on top for once,” as Wolfgang puts it. “Coming last, as we’ve been told to do, isn’t exactly good for you. When you accept the fact that wellness starts with you first, you’ll quickly realize that a little selfishness is no longer taboo, it’s actually healthier – for everyone.

The ads work on a similar premise: opening with a close-up of a person engaging in a self-care activity — running on a treadmill or in a yogic tree pose — while enjoying a product Halo Top and gazing blissfully into the distance. Then, as the camera moves, things become much more surreal: we see the man “running to enlightenment” doing so on a treadmill over a bubble bath balancing on stacked stones, in a canoe, off the grid, with a raccoon.

Similarly, the yoga woman balances on a surfboard with a goat, who sits above a pile of knitted “good vibes” and romance novels that have replaced the more depressing reading material. based on emails. Naturally, she does all of this while taking her “fresh air commute” to work by bike. These people literally put themselves on top.

Adam Stockton, creator of the Wolfgang band said that the agency was tasked with “shifting from a focus on low-calorie content to general wellness”, and so the campaign sought to take a bolder approach that moved away from the “conventional message” be good for yourself “”.

The campaign is rolling out across TV, social media and OOH throughout 2022 alongside new product launches.

Agency: Wolfgang
Director: Ulf Johansson
Production Company: Smith & Jones
Visual effects: the mill

Freeda S. Scott