One of the best gumbos in San Antonio at Louisiana’s food truck Sauce’s Southern Kitchen Cajun & Creole Cuisine

For those looking for a taste of Louisiana flavor, you can’t go wrong with Sauce’s Southern Kitchen Cajun & Creole Cuisine, a truck from chef and owner Keyon Noel who has been driving through San Antonio for the past two years.

I’m not sure what the “Certified Creole” label is on the side of the truck, but I can certify that eating here is a true Louisiana experience. Noel is from Lafayette, Louisiana, and has a menu of sandwiches, okra, and chicken wings that don’t disappoint.

Best dish: Noel makes one of the best okra in town. At $ 7 a cup – and worth the extra $ 2 for the shrimp – it’s filled with chopped sausage strips and a generous helping of shrimp bathed in a roux darker than bayou water. It was love at first sight, with a spiciness that didn’t go too far with the spices.

A little criticism from my 14-year-old daughter, Isabelle: “It’s good to eat. “

Other dishes: Another serious contender for top honors was the po’boy catfish ($ 8). The fish came well breaded and devoid of its usual swampy funk for a clean, crisp bite enlivened by chopped lettuce and pickles on a crisp bun.

Sauce’s Southern Kitchen Cajun & Creole Cuisine po’boy catfish is a great sandwich.

Chuck Blount / Staff

The Cajun fries ($ 4, $ 3 as part of a combo) were well seasoned and served very crispy, a nice addition to anything on the menu.

Noel said he’s struggling to get chicken wings due to the shortage of supplies, but for now you can get three full Cajun-style wings for $ 9. With just enough heat, they were a fun change from the usual apartments and drummettes.

Sauce's Southern Kitchen Cajun & Creole Cuisine chicken wings are served whole and crispy.

Sauce’s Southern Kitchen Cajun & Creole Cuisine chicken wings are served whole and crispy.

Chuck Blount / Staff

Things went off slightly with a tie of pudding sausage ($ 6), which is a classic blend of Louisiana pork and rice. The envelope didn’t have a hard snap, and the meat inside was mushy and tasteless, and it looked too sad.

Red beans and rice, a Louisiana staple, weren’t on the menu when I visited, but Noel said that was usually the case. Maybe next time. Because if you’re in the neighborhood and want a little Cajun flavor, Sauce’s will do.

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Evaluation: Solid neighborhood option

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Takeaway / delivery: Yes / Yes via UberEats

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