Opening of a Mumbai spice restaurant in Boston


Bombay Spice

BOSTON — Mumbai Spice, an exotic Indian and Indochinese restaurant, has opened near Boston’s Symphony Hall.

Located at 251 Massachusetts Avenue, the restaurant is created, owned and managed by the mother-son duo of Mamta Jagasia and Karan Jagasia who have put their years of experience into this fast-paced, laid-back establishment. The motto of the restaurant is to strive to serve the best possible blend of Indian and Indochinese cuisine to food-loving Bostonians.

Mumbai Spice-Exterior“We serve the dishes in a beautiful presentation with a wide range of options ranging from extravagant Indian and Chinese cuisine to Mumbaiya street food,” Karan said. “Customers familiar with Indian cuisine will be surprised by the intricacies of our menu. And those who haven’t tried it yet will have fun exploring the food with our servers and learning about the culture, flavor combinations and spices.

Karan said their spices are specially imported from selected places in India, which helps them to maintain high quality food.

Mumbai Spice offers a taste of home to many international students.

“Many students are hundreds if not thousands of kilometers from their homes and families and nothing says home like a traditionally cooked meal,” Mamta said. “I am blessed to have the opportunity to give them a taste of this. It makes me smile for having built a place where students can be with their friends and relax from the stress of school and exams.

The restaurant has a modern dining room with space to host large parties while providing an intimate ambience. The bar serves a generous variety of beers and wines, as well as communal cocktails with a touch of Mumbai spices.

The menu has something for everyone and especially those with a threshold of spice. A wide variety of vegetarian dishes like Paneer Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, Chana masala, Kashmiri Dum aloo, etc. are made with homemade paneer and fresh vegetables.

The restaurant also serves a variety of non-vegetarian dishes like chicken Tikka masala, Dum rogan josh, chicken biryani, Rara goat curry, chicken chili, etc. These are prepared daily with halal meat. Mumbai street food like Paav Bhaji, Paani Puri, Vada Pav, Veg Samosa, etc. offers an authentic experience in the vibrant flavor that brings the city of Mumbai all the way to Mass Ave.

The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday for on-site catering, take-out, online ordering and catering. For more information visit:


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