Pei Wei, based in Irving, prepares a celebrity chef to spice up the menu with new dishes

Based in Irving Pei Wei Asian Food summoned a celebrity chef to add some ka-pow. The second-largest Chinese fast-food chain in the United States features new dishes from Food Network star Jet Tila, continuing a partnership forged by the chain and the chef in 2020.

Tila’s creations include:

  • House Special Chicken
  • Mongolian Green Beans
  • Spicy Drunk Noodles
  • Thai coconut curry
  • Spicy Korean BBQ Steak
  • Cashew Chicken with Thai Basil
  • Firecracker Chicken and Tofu, which became Pei Wei’s top-selling item

In February, they will launch Grilled Bourbon Chicken, which they optimistically predict will become one of their most successful launches. The entrée includes chicken tossed in a sweet and savory bourbon sauce, for $10.

Customers can preview it by ordering the dish on Pei Wei’s app or website from February 9 to 15. It will then be available in stores from February 16, and will remain on the menu “indefinitely”.

Pei Wei currently has 119 locations in 17 states, as well as 13 non-traditional units at airports and college campuses.

In October 2017, the company moved its headquarters from Scottsdale, Arizona to the Las Colinas Highlands office tower in Irving. In May 2019, Pei Wei was acquired by financier Lorne Goldberg (who also owns Pick Up Stix, Leeann Chin and Mandarin Express). All restaurants are company-owned except for its airports, colleges and casinos.

Freeda S. Scott