PopCom brings shopping into the future with PopShop

New compromise between e-commerce and physical stores, the PopShop will stimulate brand discovery in local markets. It allows small business owners to determine if a location is right for their brand, while also understanding in real time who the right customer is.

the PopShops will be used in unused spaces of hotels, convention centers, airports and shopping centers. It will also serve as an advertising platform for everything local and serve as a resource for local news and announcements. The machine also has the ability to sell tickets to local attractions.

In a recent interview with The breakfast club, PopCom Founder Dickson-Akpoghene Dawn spoke about the new vending machines, the idea’s ten-year gestation and now its manifestation as a vibrant and diverse retail force.

“Now anyone can sell anything in these machines, Dickson-Akpoghene noted. “We have 20 customers who sell everything from food and jewelry to t-shirts and alcoholL.

Stir and feed recently launched at Concord Mills in the Charlotte suburb of Concord, North Carolina. Among the products sold at PopShop site will be the company’s creative tea flavors like lemon cream, cotton candy, lemongrass lavender and mango passion fruit. Stir and feed will also sell spice blends at the location, which will be marketed seasonally to customers. “We are excited about the energy and innovation that PopCom has in its go-to-market strategy as well as the additional innovation potential that its software can bring with integration with other platforms, ”said Stir and feed Robert moreland.

Following, Teas that make sense will start his PopShop at the Metreon at San Francisco, California. Each month, the company will offer a new tea box to customers, which will showcase new products from the brand and other minority-owned businesses. Each box will contain two small loose teas, biodegradable infusion bags and a wooden teaspoon. “With that PopShop I hope to increase brand awareness and sales of Teas With Meaning, additional information for our market research and see Popcom continue to thrive for small businesses, ”said Kamilah mitchell of Teas that make sense.

In addition, PopShop Local Columbus will launch at Polaris Mall with The eyebrow Dr. and Flat feet, who both have Ohio based founders. Another one PopShop Local Columbus was unveiled at the Fairfield Inn, containing Ohiobased brands Black property and Red velvet. Recently, Flat feet launched to a PopShop location in Hawaii.


PopCom is an automated retail technology company that creates software to revolutionize automated retailing. PopCom is at the forefront of the evolution of the retail industry with a standalone retail technology platform that enables retailers to engage and understand customers, sell more products, and learn from them. big data.

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