Puerto Vallarta, a gastronomy that seduces with its variety of flavors

Puerto Vallarta is a destination known for its beaches and landscapes; however, the typical gastronomy of this city located in Jalisco has also positioned itself as one of the attractions of the place.

According to Luis Villaseñor, general manager of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, the gastronomic richness of this city lies in its variety of flavors, as well as in the fusion of different cooking techniques.

“We have over a thousand restaurants, over 30 cuisines, many of which are very authentic. The gastronomic richness of Puerto Vallarta is its variety of flavors. It is a fusion, mixing local techniques and flavors with international ones,” said Luis Villaseñor in an interview with The Razon.

Some of the typical dishes of the region are Vallarta-style ceviche which is ground with pico de gallo and grated carrot.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can also find delicious creations from renowned chefs, like raw sea bass with scallops, which have distinctive Pacific Coast elements. The fish and ax callus are cured with salt, sugar and racille, a typical distillate of the region, and they also have tuba, a typical drink that is fermented from the trunk of the palm tree. This dish is the work of Fabiola Meraz, chef at Los Toneles Vallarta restaurant.

Salvador Carrillo, chef at La Tienda Grande restaurant, prepares Juego de niños, a visually appealing and colorful dish. It is a tuna sealed in a spice marinade and comes with sauces which are squid ink emulsion, beetroot yogurt, carrot emulsion, guava vinaigrette, mango vinaigrette and lemon emulsion. lawyer.

Chef Mario Castro, from Majahuitas, made a new take on the traditional fish zarandeado, but with octopus, which also has roasted güero pepper aioli and roasted chambray potato.

However, the cuisine of Puerto Vallarta is not only limited to seafood, but also includes preparations with proteins from the land. For example, Sebastián Verona, executive chef of the Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel and the Buenaventura Grand Hotel, prepared a marrow marinated with salt, pepper and olive oil, roasted in the oven and gratinated with a blowtorch over direct heat, and tartare, fillet of beef, with dijon mustard, salt, pepper, olive oil, spring onions and an avocado garnish.

In addition to this, Vallarta has another delicious dessert that has positioned itself as one of the favorites among tourists. It’s bolillo ice cream and guava pie with goat cheese, from chef Salvador Carrillo.

To accompany these exquisite dishes, a refreshing drink cannot be missing. Raicilla has been one of Jalisco’s Denomination of Origin distillates since 2019 and one of the ways to enjoy it in cocktails.

Mixologist Mario Mendoza, of restaurants Noroc, Mar y Vino and Ik Mixology, has created sophisticated cocktails like the vaitiare, which means water flower. It is a drink made from lavender, flowers such as roses and orange blossoms, passion fruit seeds, Hpnotiq French liqueur and raicilla.

Another exceptional cocktail is the Golden Truffle, which contains truffled honey, root, herbal notes of jasmine and chamomile, eureka oil and passion fruit seeds with a hint of pulp, truffle zest and edible gold leaf.

And, finally, there is the raicilla cream, which has become typical of the region. It is made with vanilla, star anise, cinnamon, a touch of piloncillo, agave syrup and raicilla.

Luis Villaseñor explained that the destination is already preparing a raicilla route so that tourists can learn more about the typical distillate.

Because tasting the food of this region of the Pacific is never enough, Puerto Vallarta will have the Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica from October 12 to 18, with Premium tastings, gourmet workshops, talks with experts and sustainability panels.

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