Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal: The Ultimate Bottle Guide

You may have memories of your parents or grandparents sipping Cognac from tumblers at the end of a meal. Fast forward to today, and Cognac is enjoyed as an aperitif cocktail, paired with side dishes throughout dinner, and enjoyed neat at the end of the evening.

Since Accord Royal contains young and well-aged cognac, it works well in both modern and classic cocktails. As the flavors of roasted hazelnut, sweet spice and dried fruit are similar to those found in an aged whisky, we like 1738 in a smooth old-school Manhattan, or mix it up in the sidecar of origin. Rémy Martin’s cellar master, Baptiste Loiseau, suggests mixing it with ginger ale, accentuating the spicy and floral notes.

For food and wine pairings, Cognac shares that umami is the spirit’s best friend, so dishes filled with the fifth taste will pair well with brandy. The consortium adds that young Cognac will pair well with fresher flavors, such as fresh fruit, soft cheese and fish, while older Cognac should pair well with bolder, spicy flavors. The average age of Accord Royal being 12 years old, dishes like roast game birds, just like pâté de foie gras, roquefort cheese, mushroom dishes and baked pies, like our sweet and savory apple and cheddar tarte tatin.

If you prefer to sip your Cognac pure, you will be in good company with Baptiste Loiseau. He believes that consuming it pure allows one to fully appreciate the intoxicating aromas.

Freeda S. Scott