Restaurant review: Blue Spice Restaurant, Protaras


By Tracy Roth-Rotsas

With the sudden opening of a saturation of restaurants, bars and nightclubs along the east coast as the summer sun grows stronger, to draw customers to places of Ayia Napa and Protaras , there is more to be done than just providing food, drink or music. The Blue Spice Restaurant is more than just a place serving tasty food. There is a swimming pool (quite large) as well as a separate paddling pool for children – with a grassy garden and sun loungers, a short walk from the beach. Upstairs there are two independent apartments. Downstairs there is an art gallery, a large restaurant overlooking the pool, and a separate specialty pizzeria. And on Thursday night, a live rock band performs (in English)! Quite?

The restaurant itself is open long hours – early in the morning until very late at night, and the menu includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner, so it’s quite extensive. The decor is warm but loaded: hearts, pearls and other knick-knacks hang from the roof and from the lights while signs say “Happiness begins…”. are wedged around. At night, fairy lights and colorful bulbs hanging from oversized umbrellas reflect off the pool to create a pleasant ambience. A number of staff running around mean the service is pretty good so our order is taken pretty quickly once we are seated.

Unable to choose between a carbonara or bolognese pasta sauce, we opt for the appetizer-sized portions and are greeted with plates that could be mistaken for main courses. We also order garlic bread which comes in pizza form and although it tastes very nice I tend to prefer the crispy baked bread. The pasta, however, is perfectly cooked and the sauces rich and very tasty: a creamy carbonara with large chunks of smoked meat and a juicy, meaty bolognese, so we’re off to a good start.

Then we choose a seafood platter: shrimp, squid, fish fillets, mussels, fries and salad – it’s a king’s platter and also extremely well cooked: the fillets come apart with a fork, the squids are not at all chewy, the prawns are juicy, and the mussels are not dried out at all. The fries are crispy and light, and the salad is fresh, so while this is a bigger meal, it’s not a heavy meal, which keeps us going until dessert!

There are plenty of options for dessert: their famous pineapple cheesecake, chocolate soufflé, apple pie, carrot cake and tiramisu, as well as a plethora of ice cream and sundae flavors. , both alcoholic (Baileys) and not. It’s a difficult choice, but we opt for a chocolate soufflé and a banana sundae. Granted, my idea of ​​the soufflé is different from what it sounds – I imagine a hot, chewy, almost sparkling dessert – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious. The portion is a bit smaller and more like a cupcake than I expected, but so rich and forgiving I’m relieved it wasn’t larger or couldn’t have finished it! It is beautifully complemented by ice cream. The banana sundae comes as expected, with chunks of banana, caramel and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, a drizzle of topping, and a wafer.

The next morning arrives and we choose to have an English breakfast – a wise choice as it is fabulous value for just over € 4! In addition to the standard eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, baked beans and toast, we also ordered French toast which is not often offered – much to my daughter’s delight!

Morning tea time and the opportunity to taste other desserts: the famous pineapple cheesecake and carrot cake. Unfortunately, the cheesecake is so fresh it’s almost falling apart on the plate and slightly tasteless. By mentioning this, we are not charged and the entire cheesecake is removed and replaced. The carrot cake, however, is chewy, fresh, and delicious!

We stay for lunch… pizzas in the wood-fired oven? Head and shoulders above “normal”. Crispy and tasty.

For a full day experience, you really can’t go past the Blue Spice. Take the children. Relax. Have a cocktail. Or pizza. Or dessert. Or go to the beach. The choice is yours.


O Restaurant Blue Spice, 29 Aphrodite Street, Pernera

WHEN Every day, early in the morning to late at night

CONTACT 23 832088,

HOW MUCH starter / salad: 5-10 €; main course: 10-15 € (steaks: from 16 €): pizzas: 8-11 €


Freeda S. Scott

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