Slap & Pickle review: We tried one of the best burger joints in Leeds and ended up being overwhelmed – Jasmine Norden

I often struggle to be impressed with burger takeaways, but I’ve been recommended several times to try one of Leeds’ most popular places for a burger.

Branches of Slap & Pickle’s Leeds, located in Assembly Underground and Beer Hawk in the city centre, and The Old King’s Arm in Horsforth, have received great reviews from customers across multiple platforms. During the third lockdown, the Slap & Pickle Baconator burger was also the most popular Deliveroo order in Sheffield.

And as such, I went to order from Slap & Pickle one evening, looking for a hearty dinner.

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As you’d expect, you can get a wide range of burgers at Slap & Pickle – which also includes several vegan and vegetarian options. Also on offer are wings, loaded fries, other accompaniments including Mac’n’Cheese bites, plus drinks and dessert.

I considered ordering the Baconator burger, but was swayed by the Hey Hot Stuff veggie burger, considered a “for the spice lover”. Because nothing goes better with a burger than fries, I also ordered the cheese fries on the side.

Takeout came quickly – luckily arrived about 35 minutes after I finished ordering. I opened it – to discover a good portion of fries and a good sized burger that I was sure would be filling enough to make a full meal.

The cheese fries are exactly what you would expect; balls of fries topped with a homemade cheese sauce. The Hey Hot Stuff Veggie Burger features a Moving Mountains vegan patty, along with onion rings, jalapenos and peppers, American cheese, pickles, lettuce and Hey Hot Stuff mayonnaise.

Slap & Pickle Cheese Fries

I started with the fries – which were definitely the way to go for any cheese lover. The thick fries were plentiful in potato to skin ratio and generously smothered in a very thick cheese sauce. These are a comfort treat and would never be out of place on the way home after a night out. And in my opinion, they are filling enough to have made a meal on their own.

Overcome by the amount of chips, I switched to the burger. The vegan patty was the star here – a great and satisfying meat alternative when many veggie burgers simply ask vegetarians to enjoy a Portobello mushroom.

There was a large amount of jalapenos and Roquito peppers – which was exactly what I was hoping for from this burger. It wasn’t super hot by any means, so it still wasn’t quite the spicy meal I had wanted.

Considering the place is called Slap & Pickle – there were of course quite a few pickles in the burger, but not an overwhelming amount. My only complaint here, which is mostly a matter of personal taste, was that the onion rings were somewhat overwhelming in this particular burger.

Once again, there is little chance that this burger will leave you hungry.

All in all, although burgers still don’t overtake my takeaway food preferences, Slap & Pickle is definitely one of the best places in Leeds to order one. Then I told my roommate my verdict on Slap & Pickle. “I still think you missed the Baconator,” they told me.

Distribution of the bill

Hey Hot Stuff veggie burger: £10.25

Cheese fries: £5.95

Total: £16.20

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