Sweetens Cove presents Kennesse bourbon

“Rather than discussing whether Kentucky Where Tennessee is better or better, why not put them together in one bottle and create some magic? says Eaves. “Each of these liquids reflects the enduring and exceptional personality of their region, sharing commonalities and yet distinctive qualities. Working barrel by barrel, I added a hint of toasted sugar maple wood to enhance this one-of-a-kind blend, just at 110.7 degrees.”

With an SRP of $59.00Sweetens Cove Kennesse is the company’s first foray into the “all-access” market, with a premium product and an affordable price that’s ideal for happy hour, barbecues, tailgates and mixology.

Sweetens Cove Kennesse brings inventive harmony to the longstanding whiskey rivalry of Kentucky and Tennessee. “We are thrilled to celebrate the characters and culture, heritage and traditions, kindred spirits of Kentucky and Tennessee,” added mark the rivers, Managing Partner of Sweetens Cove. “It was an exciting effort to break down the walls and find a unity and wonder of these two regions unexpectedly brought together. The net result is another masterpiece from Marianne – a delicious and vibrant bourbon.”

Sweetens Cove Kennesse will be available in 12 states across the United States to begin its journey in 2022, including: Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Caroline from the south, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada and Illinois. In some markets, subject to legal restrictions, the product can be purchased online via www.sweetenscovespirits.com.

Sweetens Cove Kennesse’s Give-A-Little Project Opens for Applications
To celebrate the launch of Sweetens Cove Kennesse, the company celebrates its roots as a popular rural golf course Tennessee by sharing some of its success. The Company will dedicate $5 of each of the first 10,000 bottles sold of Kennessee to create a pool of $50,000 to contribute and fund small projects in small towns and local golf courses.

“As avid superfans of the game, we’re thrilled that a portion of these proceeds from Kennessee’s launch will help the special little places that make golf great,” explained Peyton Manningco-founder of Sweetens Cove.

Nominations for small courses to receive a little support from Sweetens Cove should be made via the brand’s Instagram account, @sweetenscovespirits.

Sweetens Cove Kennesse Tasting Notes
Personal Notes from Master Blender Marianne Eaves:
The aroma can be described as warm toasty oak, graham cracker, rich warm spice and orange peel, and a hint of dried pome fruit. The palate offers sweet, warm caramel, vanilla and baking spice, a hint of citrus, soft, mellow oak and a creamy, easy mid palate. The finish is long, with lingering warmth and a soft sweet oaky finish.

About Sweetens Cove Spirits Company
Artisan supplier of fine bourbons based in Tennessee and named after the famous Sweetens Cove Golf Club in South Pittsburghlocated between Nashville and Chattanooga. In business since 2020, with annual bourbon releases in 2020 and 2021 and now one of the fastest growing prestige brands in the world of spirits.

Sweetens Cove Golf Club started it all, called the “Little Course That Could” by the New York Times for its world-class architecture and heartwarming backstory. Sweetens ranked among the top 50 golf experiences in the United States, according to the GolfWeek Modern 100 List, which also ranked it as the best 9-hole course in America. It has been described as “Field of Dreams Meets Tin Cup” for its cult style, summer camp vibe and breathtaking design and environment. The course is also known for its long-standing ritual whereby novice players have a glass of whiskey on the first tee, before starting their rounds.

In 2019, a group of friends, including Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Andy Roddick, jim nantz and others, acquired the public golf club and launched the Spirits Company, with a vision to preserve and protect the heritage and accessibility of the course and create a craft-centric spirits portfolio.

SOURCE sweetens Cove Spirits Company

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