Taste of the week: Chili rellenos @ The Parkway Cafe

I have always enjoyed breakfast at the Parkway Cafe. On a recent visit, as I sat on the sunny patio, I went beyond my natural inclination for omelets, blueberry pancakes, and hot cookies with gravy, and instead warmed myself up with a platter of chili rellenos. The Parkway version starts with two roasted Anaheim peppers stuffed with cottage cheese and deep-fried. As there were only a few weeks left before the holidays, I enjoyed them “Christmas style” covered in half green and half red pepper sauces. This comforting meal includes beans, Mexican rice, guacamole and sour cream.

Another roadfood attraction

Growing up in New England, I looked forward to the rare lunch where Mom gave me a weird regional favorite, the Fluffernutter. Fluffernutters consist of peanut butter and marshmallow cream spread on white bread. This glorious creation always looked like a dessert in disguise. I was delighted with the recent announcement that the word “fluffernutter” has been officially added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as well as a few other culinary words and phrases including “horchata”, “chicharron”, “air fryer” and “ghost kitchen”.

To taste the sandwich, visit Rise, the artisan bakery in Berthoud, where many sandwiches and treats have a Massachusetts nickname. Among the favorites is the Fluffanutta sandwich.

Infused cayenne and orange oil and cayenne infused vodka (Photo: John Lehndorff

What to do with too many cayenne peppers

My overactive, self-pollinating two-year-old cayenne plant and its offspring have just moved indoors for the winter. They keep pumping small inflamed red and green pods. There’s only a limited number of chili flakes a person can use on a pizza, so I turn some pods into mini holiday party ristras. I put some sun-dried pods in a jar and filled it with vodka to brew. I simmered other pods and orange zest in grape seed oil. It’s great for stir-fries. Friends have also suggested making mixtures of spicy herbs and honey, jelly and vinegar infused with cayenne pepper. It will be a season of spicy holiday gifts this year.

Hinman Pie Pie
(Photo: Hinman Pie)

Order Thanksgiving Pies Now

The increased demand along with supply and labor shortages mean you had better order your Thanksgiving Pie today. Sources for local pies include Shamane’s Bakery, Lucky’s Bakeshop, Walnut Cafe, and the Niche Market (Meal on Wheels) in Boulder. Karen DiVincenzo of Jamestown of Pie Lady Pies delivers pies, including minced meat, to Boulder and the Netherlands. Other pie places include Eats & Sweets and Button Rock Bakery in Lafayette, Hygiene’s Mountain Fountain Market and La Momo Maes in Longmont as well as Hinman Pies at Boulder Farmers Market and Post Chicken & Beer.

Culinary calendar

The Colorado Pickle and Beer Society meets on November 13 at Denver’s Spangalang Brewery for a tasting of fermented treats from The Real Dill, including lacto-fermented kimchi and fennel parsnip and spiced pickled pumpkin. . . There are only two Saturdays left for the Boulder Farmers Market and the Longmont Farmers Market. Get your local ‘keepers’ stored while you can, including apples, pears, beets, carrots, onions, winter squash, potatoes, cabbage, garlic, sweet potatoes and turnips.

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