The art of good cooking

October 20, 2022 | 05:54 IST

The art of good cooking

Goa is a melting pot of culture and people are more open to trying different cuisines and delicacies available in Goa. On this International Chefs Day, chefs who work with different cuisines share their love for food and how Goans have embraced these international cuisines

True to its name as a tourist destination, Goa offers a varied international cuisine. From Tibetan, Chinese, Mediterranean, European and Pan-Asian cuisine, restaurants across the state offer authentic tastes with natural ingredients.

Chef Ukesh Thapa, who serves Nepalese cuisine, says, “Goa is known for its vivid taste and culture. People like to explore different cuisines here. And the best part is; once they find something good, they make sure to have it very often. And that’s why our Nepalese cuisine has found the right audience in such a short time. Apart from the usual Hakka noodles and momos, we bring to the table authentic Nepali cuisine that has its unique flavors and taste. All of our dishes have been quite well received by customers as they are not only different but also healthy. If I have to tell you the healthiest dishes, it would be Thakali, a Nepalese thali consisting of dal, rice, vegetables, any meat, bitter gourd fries and a generous dollop of ghee and Thukpa, a nutrient-rich noodle soup. meal jar.

Chef Christopher Fernandes offers North American cuisine and believes that cooking is first and foremost about people. No matter what culture you belong to, food is the one universal thing that truly has the power to bring everyone together. “Goa finally accepts North American cuisine, its techniques and its flavors of the world. I serve maple-smoked espresso bacon, 5-spice smoked duck breast, beef tenderloin pastrami, smoked ham fennel garlic pepper and a ton of monthly specialties that are all prepared only over a wood fire. Cooking meats and vegetables over an open fire over wood or charcoal gives incredible flavor to meats because the fat makes it dripping over the open fire and produces smoke and embraces the meat with flavors you wouldn’t expect. can’t resist.

Pan-Asian cuisine is the favorite food after homemade regional cuisine. Indian palettes are very familiar with pan-Asian flavors and that is why there is a very high demand for this style of food. Chef Padam Rawat says, “We have taken the local traditional palettes of Goa from typical Indian Asian flavors to a modern Pan-Asian version with Japanese influences and people love it. The response from people has been phenomenal. I would like to recommend our latest rice noodle bowl filled with healthy goodness as it consists of flat rice noodles, edamame, raw mango, cucumber, avocado, carrot, bean sprouts and crunchy peanuts with a chilled burnt chili soy broth.

Freeda S. Scott