The best margarita cocktails can toast National Margarita Day 2/22/22

While it may not be advisable to drink multiples of two cans of margarita cocktails on 2/22/22, National Margarita Day, the ease of sipping this classic cocktail in a ready-to-drink format ensures that the national feast of gastronomy will not be missed. Ready to pop a can and have a sip?

Canned cocktails, or ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, have exploded in the past couple of years. Although convenience was a factor, the robust selection enticed more people to open a box.

With the various options on the shelf, drinkers should consider a few items before deciding on one can over another. First of all, the alcohol used in the cocktail is important. Some canned cocktails use real spirits, like tequila and mezcal, while others use malt liquor to create the margarita flavor. One version, the spirit, typically has a higher ABV compared to a malt liquor.

Another difference between the drinks is the sweetness. Just like a bartender who mixes a good cocktail, not all recipes are the same. Although a margarita is a sour cocktail, there is sweetness in the sip. Personal preferences should factor in which brand becomes a favorite.

Finally, like beer, canned cocktails shouldn’t gather dust on the shelf. Although they are shelf stable, their freshness may fade over time. It is better to drink these drinks sooner rather than later.

What margarita cocktails can you open for National Margarita Day?

Cutwater Spirits

A die most popular canned cocktail companies, Cutwater Spirits offers several delicious margaritas. Since the brand celebrates the “simple” (or perhaps shortcut) way to enjoy life, many people have plenty of these chilled cans at all times.

While the classic lime margarita is always a great choice, Cutwater Spirits offers other flavors as well. Mango, strawberry and peach are available. With the 12oz can having a 12% ABV, remember to sip slowly.


With sipMARGS, the canned cocktail company is looking to break away from making a delicious, low-calorie, fashion-forward margarita. From using coconut water to bright citrus, there are several slim can options that have people grabbing another can.

One flavor, the sipMARGS Mezcal margarita is a must. Similar to some mezcals, the smoke of traditional Mexican spirit shines through with every sip. Even the hint of herbs contrasts nicely with the hint of sweetness.

At only 130 calories and 5% alcohol, sipMARGS could be the canned cocktail to party all day.

Premium Cocktails On The Rocks (OTR)

Sometimes a little spicy taste makes a margarita even more refreshing. On The Rocks Premium offers a Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita. The mixologist-focused line focuses on craftsmanship, making this ready-to-drink cocktail a delicious pour served simply chilled or over ice.

Since On The Rocks Premium Cocktails uses cane sugar, this natural sweetness balances out the spiciness of the jalapeno. With the tropical notes of pineapple, one sip can feel like there’s a little escape in the glass.

buzz box

For anyone who wants a little fancy with this sip, Buzzbox offers this libation. Served in a juice box, this ready-to-drink cocktail may not come with a lunchbox, but it has that sip of satisfaction.

Made with silver tequila, the spirit is combined with lime and blood orange. A touch of tart and slightly sweet, there’s a little moment at the end of the sip that makes you want a drop more at the bottom of the juice box.

Hornitos Tequila Seltzer

Although not necessarily the same as other margarita-based cocktails, Hornitos Tequila Seltzer is a great choice for anyone who loves the lean flavor of margarita. With no artificial sweeteners or natural flavors, its clean, crunchy taste makes it a favorite for many.

Crook and Marker

For people looking for an organic option, Crook & Marker is expanding its ready-to-serve margarita options. With a 15% ABV, the cocktail is more of a slow sip. While lime flavor is a classic, strawberry hibiscus might be the flavor of the summer.

Do you have a brand to add to the list of the best margarita cocktails? Are you a fan of ready-to-drink cocktails?

Freeda S. Scott