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Dorm life can be difficult, especially when it comes to food. You probably have a mini-fridge that can barely fit a twelve pack of soft drinks and a few bottles of water. Many people have snacks in their rooms like granola bars, crisps, or the like.

Dining rooms tend to have the same old meals that you probably ate last week for the umpteenth time. You’re probably looking for new snacks or meals to spice up your dorm kitchen. Well I have the list for you. These snacks can be found at the local Walmart or the grocery store.

The first snack is Cheez-Its. Sometimes I feel like they are underestimated. Cheez-Its are the perfect snack for on the go or for running around in class. They aren’t too heavy, but if you go through half the box you might not feel your best. If you are a bargain shopper or on a budget, they make them counterfeit brands. They are probably labeled as “cheese crackers”. It doesn’t have to be Cheez-Its specifically; you can choose any type of crackers or cracker type snacks!

Cereals are always a good choice. You can eat it dry or with milk. Cereals can be purchased in bulk and in a million different flavors. This is another thing you can throw in your bag between classes or on your way to a workout. Cereals are good because there are many different types. Don’t like fruity cereals? There are plenty of them that are not fruity. Not a big fan of chocolate? No problem! Cereals are another inexpensive snack.

I feel like this snack isn’t really classified as a “snack” per se, but you can never go wrong with a sandwich. Sandwiches can easily be personalized to meet any allergy craving or need. You can use meat for breakfast, different nut butters, jam or jelly, or even different types of green vegetables! Basic white bread isn’t too expensive, but your toppings can add up. Lunch meat from a grocery store can add up, but prepackaged stuff is usually just as bad or maybe a little better. It all depends on the shortages or what the stores decide to charge.

Tired of dining room food? Try these alternatives. There are many types of canned soup or pasta. There are brands that make more elaborate soups or more basic soups. The boxes are also available in different sizes. You can get bigger cans if you eat more, or smaller ones if you are not a big eater. There are also different types of canned pasta. You can have ravioli, beefaroni and other similar pasta. These options are ideal for meals or a midnight snack.

There are many other options for snacks or meals. These are couples that I found that went well. Nice snack !

Ellen Dooley is a first year special education student. She can be contacted at 581-2812 or [email protected]


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