The coolest house releases of June 2022

Welcome to summer! And to welcome you in the hottest months of the year, brands are here to keep you cool. There’s a new brand of instant coffee that wants you to cold brew in an instant – a bit of an oxymoron since cold brew does not do in an instant, but it’s good coffee. Modernica has a sunshade that’s a raised version of a standard umbrella, and Stussy’s collaboration with Tekla has resulted in crisp, fresh duvet covers. And if you love grilling, BlueCut has made a fire-retardant apron that will protect you while you tend to your meats, but won’t protect you from the hot summer sun.

House of Word Instant Cold Brew


People love their cold brew, but it takes a long time to go from coarsely ground coffee to this sweet elixir. House of Word eliminates that time-consuming brewing process with its new Cold Brew Instant Coffee. Jonathan Dreszer, a former employee of coffee and roastery Devoción, founded House of Word, eschewing the typical freeze-dried instant coffee for something new. The brand uses an instant cold infusion process, which Dreszer explains this way: “The concentrated cold infusion is added to a chamber that releases very hot, dry air, creating a dry, fresh powder in less of one second and significantly reduces product degradation.”

Coffee is made by mixing the coffee crystals with hot water (for hot coffee) or cold water (for cold brew). The beans used by House of Word come from India, which the brand presents as one of the “biodiversity hotspots”.

Price: $16+


BlueCut Pitmaster Apron

apron pitmaster bluecut


Apron brand BlueCut has launched a new flame-retardant apron featuring renowned SoCal barbecue restaurant pitmaster Daniel Castillo Heritage BBQ. The cross back apron is fully flame retardant, made from flame retardant denim and Nomex yarns. The apron is also insulated to help protect against the heat of a flame, which Castillo is the pitmaster he is. Accented with copper hardware, leather and orange color accents, this apron will make a great gift for pitmasters and casual cooks alike.

Price: $175


Pre-seasoned carbon steel griddle.

made in pre-seasoned carbon steel griddle and grill press

Made in

Made In has expanded its range of carbon steel cookware with the addition of a new flat top griddle. It’s basically the perfect way to recreate your favorite dinner dishes – like pancakes, melts and hashes – at home. The plancha can be used on a stove – gas or induction – a grill or an open flame. It is safe to use in temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and is complete with leather-wrapped handles. Looking to score the perfect sears on your food? Made In has also released a grill press to help your food make full contact with the cooking surface.

Price: $139


Aarke Glass Water Purifier

aarke glass water purifier


Aarke, who make my favorite water carbonator, are now in the water purification game, taking on brands like Brita and Pur. Instead of regularly replacing plastic filters, you empty the filter granules and use the same filter basket. The beautifully designed pitcher is made of glass and stainless steel, and a handy reminder at the bottom of the lid reminds you to refresh your filter every four weeks.

Price: $150


Maker’s Mark 46 Spiceology Flights

maker's mark 46 x epiceology flight


Maker’s Mark is one of our favorite bourbons, and its Maker’s Mark 46 is one of the brand’s most iconic expressions. It also happens to translate well to a spice blend. Maker’s Mark and Spiceology have collaborated on four spice blends, and one is directly inspired by Maker’s Mark 46, offering vanilla, caramel, and heat.

And because bourbon is a uniquely American spirit, the other three spice blends are inspired by what Spiceology has found to be America’s most beloved dishes: fried chicken, meatballs and potato salad. Everything Potato is described as a “herb spice blend”, Fried & True is described as an “umami chicken spice blend”, and Mom’s Meatballs is described as a “sweet and sour spice blend”.

Price: $30


Golde x Subtil Art Studios

golde x colster subtle art studios


Golde isn’t a home decor brand (it’s actually a wellness superfood brand), and it just released a new coaster that perfectly complements some of its products. Produced in collaboration with Subtle Art Studiosthe glass coasters feature the same chic colors as some of Golde’s most popular supplements, like Matcha, Shroom Shield or Coconut Collagen Boost.

Price: $36


Fly By Jing x Jacobsen Salt Co. Tingly Sichuan Salt

fly by jing x jacobsen salt co tingly sichuan salt


At this point, anything Fly By Jing posts is an immediate add-to-cart item for me. The condiment brand that brings the flavors of Sichuan to the masses has teamed up with one of the country’s top salt producers, Jacobsen Salt Co. on a Sichuan-inspired salt. The Sichuan spice is characterized by its numbing effect that gives a kind of tingling sensation to the tongue (it’s a delicious experience, I swear). New Tingly Sichuan Salt combines Fly By Jing’s Tribute Sichuan Peppers with hand-harvested kosher sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co, and you can bet I’ll put this product on almost anything.

Price: $15


Dansk Købenstyle Wrapped Handle Water Pitcher

pitcher of water


Are we excited about a pitcher of water? Yes we are. Earlier in 2021, Food52 bought Scandinavian kitchenware brand Dansk, and the food blog just announced its first major release from that purchase: the reissue of Dansk’s Købenstyle Wrapped Handle Water Pitcher. According to Food52, these pitchers — originally designed in 1956 — can sell for upwards of $225 at vintage markets, but with the reissue of this archival piece, they’re just $95 and available in four of its original colours: red, teal, yellow and white. It’s sold out now, but sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock.

Price: $95


Papa Grass Papa Chill Collection

daddy weed merch


CBD joint brand Dad Grass wants you to smoke with pride for Pride Month. With his Daddy Chill collection, Dad Grass has teamed up with a Californian artist Humberto Cruz on a capsule containing clothing designed by Cruz, as well as a storage pack to hide a five-pack of Dad Grass. All proceeds from sales of the collection will go to California Equalitya non-profit organization that advocates for LGBTQ+ people and their allies across the United States

Price: $37+


Prep deck

food preparation station


For some, meal prepping is a way of life. And those people will love Prepdeck. What originally started as an Indiegogo project, Prepdeck is now available for people who want to cook their meals like a pro. Bespoke Post is one of the first retailers to carry the brand, which makes kitchen organization tools like an innovative meal prep station, as well as well-designed kitchen essentials like a spice box and cooking utensils. kitchen.

Price: $16+


Case Study Modernica Furniture Shades

Beach umbrella


Protect yourself from the sun this summer (and every other month with sunscreen, of course). But when the summer sun is just too unbearable, get Modernica’s Sun Shade. Instead of a typical outdoor umbrella, the sunshade is a sculptural beauty with an easy-to-adjust circular sunshade. It’s upholstered in UV-, water-, mildew-, and fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric, and available in over a dozen colors.

Price: $2,450


Puffco The Proxy

puffco the agent


Puffco produces some of the best weed control equipment on the market. Besides the popular Puffco Peak Pro, a state-of-the-art e-rig, Puffco also offers the novelty Budsy, which looks like a Nalgene, but is 100% a bong.

The brand new Proxy will have you smoking like Sherlock Holmes. With its four temperature settings, users can find the right temperature to unlock the most sought-after terpenes. The glass pipe, with its removable base, is fully modular for personal customization. It’s expensive, yes, but looking this cool while using the proxy can be worth the price.

Price: $300


Floyd Upcycled Bouclé Sectional

floyd recycled bouclé sectional


Shopping for a new sofa? Floyd is one of the best sofa brands to check out. Now the Detroit-based brand has a new sofa option that will make it even harder to know which sofa to buy.

The new Upcycled Bouclé sectional is made entirely from fast fashion post-consumer waste, and it’s the brand’s first-ever all-white sofa offering. The sofa is made of a stain and odor resistant fabric, which helps ensure that the white sofa stays white. Head over to Floyd’s website to configure the sofa to your liking (and home specs) now.

Price: $2,985+


Fellow Carter Move Mug + Zippered Lid

Fellow Carter Move Mug with Zippered Lid


Fellow’s Carter Move mug gets an update: the Slide-Lock lid. The Carter, which keeps drinks at their temperature for up to six hours, has a thin lip that makes drinking coffee even more enjoyable, but drinking on the go (like literally drinking while on the move) hasn’t always been easy. The new Slide-Lock lid has an angled lid that can easily be opened or closed with your thumb. It’s a small upgrade that will elevate this already award-winning travel mug.

Price: $35


Stussy x Tekla Percale Duvet Cover

stussy x tekla percale duvet cover


Copenhagen-based linen and towel brand Tekla has teamed up with Stussy again on yet another collection of limited-edition sleep gear. Included is a pajama set, as well as a duvet cover, which is unfortunately only available in queen size. It’s made with a 220 thread count and, like everything else from Tekla, it’s Oeko-Tek certified as being free of harmful chemicals.

Price: $280


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