The downtown report: early March edition

No baseball? Think again.

Unless sports just aren’t your thing at all, you should be happy when the Rams won the Super Bowl, the Dodgers won the 2020 World Series, and the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship. the Dodgers or the Lakers because of COVID, but the Rams and their fans just slipped one in there.

This time of year, baseball fans revel in spring training in part because there’s no more ‘waiting until next year’ and hope is literally forever. . Now, unfortunately, not so fast. The season is getting late. Owners and players can’t reach a new deal, so the season is in limbo.

Enter the Titans, our home team, the one that has had more than its share of national championships. This may be the year you’ll see the most games, given the MLB situation and the big upgrades to the baseball complex. More on that here, with photos coming to this page in the near future. As is our tradition at this time of year, we turn to Tom Elliott of Past Times Collectibles to find out about the team.

Take me to the ball game

Well, after two years of postponement and hiatus, it’s time for “Titan Baseball!” With Major League Baseball’s ongoing lockdown, the upcoming CSUF Titan season will be a welcome alternative. The 2022 calendar features the typical “bring all comers” competition gauntlet. As usual, we opened against the Stanford University Cardinals (ranked 6th preseason) on Friday, February 18 in Palo Alto. After that three-game series, the Titans will have their home opener with Gonzaga for a three-game slate on Friday, Feb. 25 (7 p.m.), Saturday, Feb. 26 (6 p.m.) and Sunday, Feb. 27 (12 p.m.). h).

This year’s team will include a new head coach, Jason Dietrich, and three new assistant coaches. Coach Dietich has spent the past two seasons as a pitching coach at East Carolina University. He also returns to Fullerton after serving as its pitching coach from 2013 to 2016.

The Big West welcomes two recent additions to its conference with Cal St. Bakersfield and UC San Diego joining to fill out an 11-member Big West conference.

In addition to new faces on our staff, the University recently opened a brand new $15 million baseball facility. This new addition to Goodwin Field houses a state-of-the-art clubhouse, locker room, video room, and coach and ticket desks. Next to this complex is the recently dedicated and unveiled life-size statue of legendary former Titan coach Augie Garrido.

We look forward to seeing you on the field to discover the new facilities. For ticket and schedule information: or call (657) 278-2783.

“Let the games begin…at last!”

—Tom Elliott,

Fan and Owner of Titan, Past Times Collectibles

Changes are coming to West Commonwealth Avenue

There were so many inevitable delays that some wondered if the new batch of Fullerton Honors banners would ever see the light of day. Finally, they have arrived, and sponsors are inspired, as are those who were surprised to see themselves honored. It is a moving experience to see those who have given so much and mean so much to families and friends honored in this way. They fly over the Commonwealth from Harbor to Woods. Thank you to everyone who gave their time and effort to make this happen.


From what we’ve heard, the area worst hit by our recent hailstorm was southeast of downtown, and here’s some footage that shows how it fell and lay on the ground for over 24 hours.

Thunder and lightning and then the ground completely covered in white was something we never see. It was fun, but most would rather see it on the Weather Channel and walk around in shorts and a t-shirt. Shredded plants and frozen sprouts were the end result, so we backyard farmers are now going to have to start the vegetable garden all over again. In the East, they must be laughing at us.

new in town

Good news. The modern Indian cuisine menu is largely the same and the new staff do a great job at social spice, now under new ownership. You may remember them as Miirch Social, at 138 West Commonwealth. Stop soon.

P3 Elite is a private gym and opened at 210 N Harbor, offering women-only fitness programs.

Photo Quiz

Where is this bench and why is it there? Send response to Mike at [email protected].

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