Things related to cancer in 2021: makeup, deodorant, sugary drinks

  • Cancer is one of the leading causes of death, with more than 1.8 million new cases per year in the United States.
  • Many factors contribute to cancer, such as genetics, and it is not known exactly what causes individual cases.
  • Scientists have linked several everyday habits and objects to cancer in 2021, prompting more research.

Each year, approximately 1.8 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer. About 600,000 people die from the disease each year, making it the second leading cause of death in the country after

heart disease


Scientists don’t fully understand how cancer works or what causes individual cases. It is difficult to identify the origins of cancer because many factors are involved, including genetics, environment, lifestyle and even your job.

This year’s research has found links to cancer in our everyday lives.

Known carcinogenic chemicals continue to appear in unexpected places, including household items, due to industrial contamination. Researchers are also beginning to better understand the health implications of other toxins, such as pesticides. This year’s evidence suggests pesticides were linked to cancer decades and generations after exposure. And lifestyle habits like what we eat, drink, and exercise also play a role in our risk for cancer and when it might develop.

While intriguing, the evidence does not directly point to what causes cancer, but understanding the correlations may help scientists suggest future research questions to improve our knowledge of the disease and how to prevent it. .

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Freeda S. Scott