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The world of skincare is vast with beneficial ingredients found everywhere. With actives coming into play and age-old ingredients thriving, there’s so much to understand. Example : kumkumadi oil or saffron oil. Saffron, as we all know, is the most expensive spice in the world because it is rare, both in availability and harvestability. And it does wonders for the skin. “The name kumkumadiis derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kumkuma‘ – red gold saffron. Kumkumadi the oil is considered a miraculous elixir. Mythologically, it is attributed to the twin Vedic gods of medicine, the Ashwini Kumaras, who formulated it with divine herbs,” says Ainsley Mayben, Head of Training at Kama Ayurveda.

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What is Kumkumadi Oil?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just saffron oil. While saffron threads play a key role in its formulation, there are a bunch of other oils like almond, sesame and rose oils and other ingredients like sandalwood and Indian madder, vetiver and lotus who go inside. The blend is known for its skin benefits and touted as one of the best treatments for mature, dull and damaged skin. Thanks to its ancestral recipe and its origin, kumkumadi oil was an important part of the beauty routines of queens of ancient times. “Historically, Rani Samyukta, the queen of Prithviraj Chauhan, known for her intoxicating beauty, sourced the red and golden grass from the valleys of Kashmir to add to her nighttime diet,” Mayben shares. Today, kumkumadi the oil has become a mainstream offering by a group of Ayurveda-inspired beauty brands.


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Benefits of Kumkumadi Oils

Using this oil is the easiest way to impart the benefits of saffron to your skin to heal, repair and rejuvenate it. Since the spice saffron is a powerhouse of minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, it becomes an effective antidote to dullness, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, pimples, irritation, and blemishes. environmental damage. “It brings out the skin’s natural glow by brightening and improving its texture,” says Mayben. The other contents of the oil also promote better skin in different ways. “Indian madder extracts help tone the skin. Vetiver and lotus extracts help calm and cleanse skin, while licorice extracts help protect and improve skin texture,” concludes Mayben.

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