Try something new in 2022 with these 14 products

If you’re like us, you’ve probably already done — or at least started — your spring cleaning, and you’re ready to invite something new into your space. Maybe it means something as simple as tapping into a fashion trend that feels outside of your comfort zone or trying a new hobby.

However you want to prepare for the new season, Shop All Day contributor Makho Ndlovu stopped by TODAY to share six easy ways to change up the everyday, from a bold new lip color to trendy heatless curlers to platform sneakers. Keep reading to see her picks, plus other unique ways to break out of your daily routine this spring.

Amazon finds seen on TODAY

Ivyu hair rollers

Heatless loops have taken over the internet and for good reason. This hair roller eliminates the need to use harmful heat on your hair and the brand says it can be used overnight to save time while getting ready in the morning. This set includes the foam rod, two scrunchies, a clip and a headband.

Maple Holistics Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

If you’re looking to introduce something new to your hair or skin care routine, you might want to try a rosemary essential oil. This oil, which has over 20,000 reviews on Amazon, can be used as a dry scalp exfoliator, scalp cleanser and hair shine serum, according to the brand. Beyond hair, rosemary oil also contains antioxidants and can be used on the skin as a cleansing oil or in a diffuser for a clean scent.

Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Dark lipstick colors are all the rage right now, so why not try this long-lasting option that comes in a wide variety of shades? This affordable option won’t break the bank if you want to experiment with something new. This liquid lipstick is also designed with an arrow applicator for a more precise result.

Angashion floral-print loose slip shirt

Summer is just around the corner, which means you might want to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. The ruffle trend is a fun and flirty option to try and this shirt delivers without overdoing it with subtle ruffles around the collar and sleeves. This shirt can be dressed up or down and comes in 28 different colors and patterns.

SPYM Faux Leather Quilted Biker Jacket

A leather jacket is the spring essential to wear on the coldest days or when the temperature drops at night. This faux leather option comes in a range of spring colors from pink to tan and has stylish studs and zippers to achieve the effect of a bold biker jacket.

Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes

Looking for a new shoe trend to try? Why not try platform sneakers? This walking shoe has over 98,000 reviews on Amazon and is designed to be breathable and ideal for people who stand for long periods of time.

More Amazon finds to try

DIY Gift Kits Hot Sauce Making Kit

If you’re looking for a new hobby, this hot sauce making kit includes everything from custom label stickers to a spice mix and peppers that’s over 500 Scoville heat units (which measure how spicy the peppers are), indicates the mark. When you’re done, you can keep them for yourself or give them as a gift!

High-end roller skates

TikTok is largely responsible for the renewed interest in roller skating (among other returning trends) for younger and older generations. Not only is it a nostalgic activity, but it’s also a great way to get out and move.

HidrateSpark TAP Smart Water Bottle

Committed to staying hydrated in 2022? This smart water bottle will help you stay on track – it glows throughout the day (12 times, to be exact) to remind you when you should start sipping, the brand says. It comes in two different sizes: 24 ounces and 32 ounces.

CHI Spin N Curl 1″ Ceramic Rotating Curler

If you don’t have the patience for rollers, try this rotating curler for instant curls. Depending on the brand, it’s ideal for hair 6 to 16 inches in length. It can heat up in as little as 15 seconds and will automatically shut off after an hour, so you don’t have to worry about whether you left it on or not after leaving the house, the brand says.

Ewedoos Bootcut Yoga Pants

Try the trend of yoga pants with these pants made of dense and elastic fabric to train and stretch without worrying about the transparency of the material. These pants are also made with moisture-wicking fabric and have pockets on both sides so you can hold your phone and other essentials.

Ethical solid shampoo

For those looking to be more eco-friendly, consider trying this vegan shampoo bar. The bar is formulated with oatmeal and oils to nourish dry, itchy scalps and fight dandruff. The bars, which the brand says have a sweet lime and kiwi flavor, are also packaged in fully recyclable and compostable boxes.

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter

Many of us are still working from home, which means your home office might need a refresh. Sit or stand with this convertible desk riser so you can stay comfortable all day long. The two-tier design is ideal for holding a monitor at the top while leaving room at the base for a keyboard, mouse, or laptop.

3D Bomb Curl Hairbrush

This curl brush has gone viral on TikTok and is designed to quickly create volume and curls. With a hollow design, air is supposed to flow through the brush as you dry your hair for an enhanced curling effect.

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