Watch: Famous American YouTuber Made Maggi Teaches Indian Kid How To Do It Right

It is true that we Indians are proud of our cuisine! It makes us happy to know that Indian cuisine is one of the most popular and beloved cuisines in the world today. The spices, heat and techniques we use are truly unlike any other. And, we see people from many other communities trying our recipes and falling in love with the magic of desi cooking. A famous American food blogger tried her hand at making a quintessential Indian dish and it didn’t sit well with some of her viewers. The dish in question here is none other than our childhood favourite, Maggi!

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Maggi is one of the most popular Indian noodles.

The name itself is a huge reminder of the nostalgia we have around Maggi. To this day, millions of Indians call Maggi their ultimate comfort food. And you can imagine the rage the blogger must have faced when she spoiled this Indian favorite. However, instead of ignoring the comments, the blogger heard all the suggestions and uploaded another video with an edited recipe. The blogger is Lisa Ngyuen and has 3.23 million subscribers on YouTube. She is also famous on Instagram. Her last video where she did Maggi was short; she follows the instructions on the package and prepares a nice bowl of Maggi. However, an Indian child sends her a long, detailed voice note explaining how she must never follow the rules written on the package and how to get Maggi down the right path.

The video begins with Lisa playing the audio note she received from the Indian child who explains that “we Indians never follow the rules”. He then explains to her how to prepare the classic Indian vegetable Maggi with onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables and other ingredients. Lisa scrupulously follows the instructions and is visibly delighted with the end result! The wholesome video received 275,000 views and 1,180 comments. Take a look at the video here:

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Viewers were a bit skeptical about the complexity of the recipe, but nonetheless supported the Indian kid for sharing it with Lisa. Foodies around the world seemed quite impressed with the recipe and called the food blogger a humble person for actually listening and trying the recipe. Some of the best comments on the video are:

“The fact that she even listened to it, posted it and followed the advice is wholesome and humble…Love it, good job Lisa”

“Lisa, you are so adorable. I’m sure this kid is so happy that he has an entire video dedicated to him. It’s so wholesome”

“I’ve NEVER seen Maggi done like this but honestly I’m tempted to try. He was right about one thing though, there’s no one way to do Maggi. Everyone in India has their own little tweaks it makes to the basic way A lot of people like it plain, but I think as Indians our collective extra gene forces us to add more spice and flavor.

“Never in my life have I eaten Maggi this way, but of course I’m going to try it. Thanks to whoever sent her those voice notes”

“It was a first for me as an Indian, especially with the potatoes… This guy really put his all into this recipe. I understand how he must feel about people having regular maggi haha.”

“Oh my God…So impressed with the detailed and specific instructions that boy really needed a really, really smart scream”

We will definitely be trying this recipe soon! What do you think? Want to try this at home? Let us know in the comments below.

Freeda S. Scott